Pattaya Balloon Festival

Pattaya Balloon Festival

Pattaya Balloon Festival takes place ever December, in the grounds of the local Thammasat University; this is an international event with hot air balloon crews from all over the world in attendance. The day is split into two distinct halves. In the morning there is a kite demonstration, which can be an incredible thing to witness, with some people flying ten or more kites in synchronization.

Pattaya Balloon Festival Thailand

During the morning the balloon crews air assembling their hot air balloons and visitors are free to watch and ask questions. In the late afternoon as the temperature cools, the balloons are inflated. Upwards of 50 hot air balloons will take to the skies during the late afternoon and early evening, a real spectacle. Once the balloons have launched and the night arrives, a large stage hosts live music and dance acts until around 10pm. Food and drink are available, with plenty of seating.

Date posted: 6th November, 2014

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