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This city is half built and half is carved into the rock. It is included in new Seven Wonders of the World list. After this inclusion, flocks of tourists came to Petra to view the latest selection and see why it was chosen.

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At this site, the eastern tradition is blended with Hellenistic architecture. The solid red stone buildings are huge and there is no comparable construction to be found elsewhere. The western world was not even aware of the existence of Petra until the beginning of the 19 th century.

Petra, Jordan

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To reach the temples, you must walk through a narrow gorge called The Siq. If you don’t like the idea of walking, it is possible to take camel or horse rides to reach the sandstone temples. You need to be ready to bargain with the owners if you wish to ride on the animals.

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Once you arrive, the treasury is the most impressive sandstone building in Petra. As you pass the first temple, you will find several temples and tomb structures that are identical. There is also a Roman theater that is an extension of the Petra theater. This extension was built by the Romans when they occupied in the city in ancient times.

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Guided tours are an essential element to enjoy the tour to Petra . Audio guides in different languages along with maps of Petra are hired to tourists by the hotels in Petra. Some hotels also offer candlelit tours which exhibit the beauty of the buildings from a unique perspective. There is a monastery and high place of sacrifice which can be reached by a hike through the mountains. Be prepared with your sun lotion because Petra is in the middle of the desert. It is recommended that you allow at least one full day to explore different parts of the site and one of the best ways to explore is to do so by foot.

Date posted: 26th March, 2016

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