Surf to Pipeline, USA

Pipeline, USA

Pipeline is the most famous wave in the world. To ride Pipeline when it’s big defines what kind of surfer you are (most likely a professional or Hawaiian). Pipeline is famous, one because it is in Hawaii, the spiritual home of surfing; two because the Hawaiians and the entire surfing world acknowledge that it takes immense skill and courage to ride it; and three because it is a near perfect (merciless) tube breaking close to a golden sand beach, making it the ultimate surfing arena.

Pipeline, USA

flickr image by dnudson

Pipeline is actually three reefs. Third Reef Pipe is 200m offshore and only breaks on enormous swells. Normally, the swell is refracted off Third Reef, climbs skyward over Second Reef Pipe and begins lining up for the famous barrel across the inner First Reef Pipe. By this time it is only 50m from shore and exploding down the sharp, craggy limestone reef.

Surf to Pipeline

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Backdoor Pipe is a right off the same peak, often dicey but considered a better barrel.

Date posted: 12th August, 2017

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