Pleasure Beach

Pleasure Beach

Now the Pleasure Beach is the most visited paid for tourist attraction in the UK, attracting around 5.5 million visitors per year.

When the Pleasure Beach was first opened in 1896 its founder, Alderman William George Bean, aimed to create an American style amusement park where the prime purpose was to ‘inspire gaiety’! These days inspiring gaiety is more commonly known as ‘having fun’!!

Blackpool in Pleasure Beach

flickr image by Roller Coaster Philosophy

The Pleasure Beach is located, as the name suggests, right on the coast in the town of Blackpool . Blackpool is situated in the county of Lancashire in the north west of England, 40 miles (64km) north west of Manchester . Blackpool has primarily been a tourist seaside destination since the 19th century, and as well as the Pleasure Beach, attractions here include Blackpool Tower and the annual Illuminations.

Blackpool Tower at Pleasure Beach

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The Pleasure Beach has always attracted high numbers of visitors because entrance to the park’ was free. Visitors simply paid for only the attractions they wanted to ride on. Prices varied according to the size and popularity of the attraction or ride, or visitors could purchase a multi-ticket which allowed multiple rides. However, this is set to change in 2009 when all visitors will be required to purchase a ticket before entering.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach UK

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The Pleasure Beach currently has 57 rides, of which 12 are roller coasters and 4 are water rides, and the park has always been a leader with building bigger and better rides. The Pepsi Max Big One was the tallest, fastest and steepest roller coaster in the world when it first opened in 1994 and the newer Valhalla is the world’s biggest indoor dark ride.

The Pepsi Max Big One at Pleasure Beach

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In addition to thrill rides the Pleasure Beach has an assortment of family rides and children’s rides, as well as some historical rides and attractions from the Victorian days when the park first opened.

Irn Bru Revolution ride, Blackpool Pleasure Beach

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The Pleasure Beach is not open year round, usually closing in November to February then re-opening for weekends only until the summer when it is open every day. Blackpool has its own airport which has European services to and from it. Other transport options include train services and bus services, and Blackpool is also easily accessible by road.

Date posted: 5th March, 2016

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