Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia

Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia

A dream-like archipelago of 99 pristine islands, Langkawi is a wondrous place to visit, not only for the ease with which you can visit the other islands but also for the beauty of Pulau Langkawi, the largest island in the chain. Known as the ‘Jewel of Kedah’, Langkawi is also important as being the first landmass in South East Asia to rise from the seabed millions of years ago. Although unfortunately not suitable for backpackers as there is no accommodation available for those on a very limited budget, Langkawi is wonderful for families and couples who are able to spend a little bit more to live in paradise.

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The natural sights are of the highest order with UNESCO protection ensuring that they should remain preserved for years to come. The most popular is the stunning Pregnant Maiden Lake, which is easy to visit by boat and then a short trek to the top of the surrounding hills. Langkawi is undergoing a bit of a tourist boom at the moment and it is estimated that the island will become increasingly popular with those looking for an exclusive (ergo expensive) resort holiday, so it may be best to get here before there is a significant price hike.

Date posted: 14th September, 2017

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