Qin Terra Cotta Warriors

Qin Terra Cotta Warriors

For centuries this terracotta army was buried until an accidental discovered in 1974 by peasants digging a well. When pottery relics were found, archeologists started digging further and uncovered three vaults containing these extraordinary terracotta warriors.

Qin Terra Cotta Warriors China

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Qin, the first emperor of China is historically important because he was the ruler of united China . The Qin ‘army’ consists of about 7000 warriors who are all made of terracotta. After excavation, these warriors were transported to their current home at the museum in Xi’An in the Shannxi province. Thereafter, tourists were able to visit and view the extraordinary terracotta warriors. In 1987, UNESCO declared the warriors’ museum a world cultural heritage site.

Qin Terra Cotta Warriors in China

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Each warrior is hand made and bears a unique facial expression. Each of these signifies that living warriors were used as models to create the terracotta warriors. The figures are six feet tall and weigh anything from 220 to 600 pounds. The story behind the pottery warriors is that they were buried to protect the Emperor Qin in his afterlife. This has encouraged archeologists, who expect that the Emperor Qin was also buried somewhere near the warrior site. From the ancient hints, Qin’s tomb has a great many treasures and the archeologists are eager to explore further an enormous earth mound that is 1 mile away from the warrior’s site.

The terracotta army is to China as the Pyramids to Egypt . When you enter into the museum after paying the entrance fee, you will find a 360-degree movie site about the excavation of the army. Then, you will be guided to sheds which contain the statues that were discovered. Group tours to the warrior’s museum are less expensive than the private tours that are offered.

Date posted: 19th March, 2016

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