Quirky Brisbane

Quirky Brisbane

Brisbane has a reputation for being not always quite there! We mean that in a good way of course. Unlike its bigger brother capital cities, Brisbane still retains a small town feel, but it is catching up quickly.

To show how resilient Brisbanites are and how they feel about their town, they took the term Brisvegas that was coined as a put down by the Southern states at least 25 years ago and turned it into a proud, trendy nickname for their beloved city. The Southerners or Mexicans (south of the border) as the locals of Brisbane call them, thought the nightlife in Brisbane was so drab and boring as they teased the city by labeling it Brisvegas, meaning it was the opposite to the real Vegas.

However, the transformation that Brisbane has gone under, and many claim it all started with Expo 88, is amazing and we don’t think anyone will put Brisbane in a corner again! And as you will discover the strange name Brisvegas isn’t the only thing quirky about this city.

With a state named after the Queen there has to be a statue and Brisbane to be different has the only one in the world of Queen Elizabeth II carrying a purse in the aptly named Queen’s Park on George Street.

A landmark is the Gateway Bridge where the height was critical. Too high and interferes with aircraft landing at Brisbane airport and too low and cruise ships cannot pass underneath. The Dawn Pacific has less than 3 metres and any wake from a passing boat might cause it to hit the top!


Ghost Tours

Who would have thought that Brisbane was scary city, but National Geographic has listed Brisbane as the second most haunted city in the world. To find out what makes it haunted you can go on a ghost tour. Conducted at night-time and in cemeteries gives it a fair bit of chill factor, added to that, very scary stories told by pretty unusual people and maybe you will agree with National Geographic’s findings. The cemetery tours are through Toowong and Dutton Park, but if headstones and the dead are too much to bear, there are other tours through the streets of Brisbane as well.



Brisbane Rickshaws

Not often we see rickshaws outside Asia but they are coming back to central Brisbane. A different way to travel around.


Glen’s Espresso

Be warned, spruce yourself up a tad before you go to this café, because if Glen thinks your cute enough he will give you a $1 coffee, but don’t worry if you are having a bad hair day as he gives the $1 coffee for first timers as well, that’s what the sign says anyway! Glen has a great system for takeaway coffee, grab your cup, write on your brew, give it to the barista and place your money in the honesty jar…easy. But feel free to sit in as well, pull up an old church pew and read a comic and if you are really lucky Sergio the clown may be working as well. 62 Ann Street.


Violet Green

If you want find an outfit to wear that you can be sure you will not see someone else wearing at the next office party then Violet Green is the place to go. Everything is different here from the creepy atmosphere to the staff that has the shop logo tattooed on their wrists…now that’s a dedicated employee. Local labels are sold here with some trendy New York and London labels displayed as well. If you don’t want the full outfit just come to accessorise, very bold and trendy. Located at shop 9, Elizabeth Arcade, Elizabeth Street.

If it’s just the smell of the hops that make you feel good then go for a visit to Brisbane’s iconic XXXX Brewery. Mr Fourex and the Big X’s sit atop this brewery that first started brewing beer in 1878. If the smell isn’t enough for you, go inside on a tour, where you will get a free beer. Milton


Fort Lytton

Fort Lytton is the only fort in Australia to have a moat and guns were never needed except to once warn a Dutch steamer and a fishing vessel that falied to follow the navigation rules.


City Coat of Arms

The coat of arms features two mythological creatures, gryphons chosen due to their spirited nature.

Date posted: 23rd November, 2017

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