Reaching Tokyo

Reaching Tokyo

Narita Airport is the main international airport and is 70 kms northeast of Tokyo. The Narita Express train is the main way to travel to the city. Haneda Airport is mainly for domestic services and connected to the city on the Tokyo Monorail.


By train

Tokyo train

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The intercity Shinkansen service runs to and from Tokyo Station where you then connect to local destinations on the JR Yamanote or Metro Marunouchi lines.


By bus

The main JR depot who are the main bus operators use Tokyo Station’s Yaesu-minamiguchi.

Tokyo bus

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After leaving the airport, the traveler should think about looking for a hotel that is near the Japan Railway. The Yamanote line passes by most of the spots that are of greatest interest to visitors in Tokyo. That line forms a loop, a loop that circles the central part of Tokyo .

Getting to Tokyo airport does not pose as great a challenge as getting to different spots in Tokyo . A visitor to Tokyo soon learns that even the Japanese can seldom find a location, when all they have is an address. Most streets in Tokyo have no sign that bears their name (if the street even has a name).

Date posted: 13th November, 2018

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