Redwood Forest, USA

Redwood Forest, USA

A forest that has long captured the imagination of the world is the Redwood National Forest in northern California. This huge woodland park is home to the mighty redwood sequoias, mammoth trees that can grow as tall as 9m and as wide as 8m in diameter. These evergreens are also amongst the oldest trees on earth, with many living samples dating back to before the time of Christ.

Tour to Redwood Forest, USA

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Many of the most spectacular groves in this cinematic forest, such as the Grove of Titans, have undisclosed locations, kept secret for fear that mass tourism will damage the delicate ecosystem. While arborists jealously guard the directions to these prized spots, a drive through Route 199 to Crescent City lets you take in some of the most dramatic areas of the forest.

Tour to Redwood Forest

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Park your vehicle and stand at the base of one of these natural giants for a truly humbling experience.

Date posted: 27th July, 2017

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