Surf to Rincon

Rincon, USA

Rincon is California’s best right hand point break. Rincon orders the winter swell lines into remarkably long, mesmerising waves. They reel off down the line, with multiple barrel sections and can deliver rides up to 270m long. Rincon is so loved she is often referred to as the Queen of the Coast.

Surfing to Rincon

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There are three sections to Rincon on proper west-northwest swells and they all line up, giving the full Californian point break experience. From the top there is The Indicator, generally a little slower but the spot to start the long runs. The Rivermouth has hollow fast screamers, and although about half of these waves shut down it’s still a good place to try and jag a connector into The Cove, which is the jewel in the queen’s crown and a flawless right hander on its day. Low tide makes Rincon faster and hollow, although often high tide is preferred by longboarders.

Rincon Surfing Trip

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Date posted: 31st August, 2017

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