Round the World Trip

Round the World Trip

Traveling around the world always seems like a fascinating idea but we think tend to think such tours are best suited for millionaires only. However, this is not true at all! You can travel round the world without becoming bankrupt but only if you agree to forego a lot of unnecessary things and make a proper plan. We are not suggesting that you sleep on the sidewalks but the following tips will help you to realize your dream of a round-the-world trip.

Where to go

Choosing your first destination can be a bit tricky but we suggest that you start with some familiar territory so that you have self-confidence and get into the rhythm of traveling very quickly. Your main aim should be to see as much as possible within a few months so that you can revisit some of these places in future.

Hong Kong Travel

If you are starting off from US, for example, then you may cover the following countries – South Africa, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, New York City, San Francisco, Costa Rica, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. This is only an indicative list; you can, of course, make changes in the itinerary as per your wish.

Brisbane Australia

Singapore attractions


Dungun Beaches Malaysia

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Round the world air tickets have now made traveling a hassle-free affair. One should book all at once with a round-the-world (RTW) air ticket. This is much more economically viable than booking the flights individually. The RTW tickets usually cost around $3000 to $7500 but you can get around 16 flights for only $7000. However this price will depend on a lot of factors like time of the year, the destination and place from where you are starting your journey. Always try to start and end your journey in a relatively less affluent country as the prices of the air tickets tend to be cheaper. However, we recommend that you restrict air travel as much as possible and try to travel by land; it is cheaper and you will see more.

Accommodation and Food


Finding budget accommodations is fairly easy especially when you travel through some of the cheaper destinations in Asia. If you are on a budget you would prefer staying in hostels but you can put up in a good hotel in Asia and/or South America as the price is very much affordable here. However, finding cheap accommodation options in Hawaii & Japan would be a bit difficult.

Always buy snacks and fruits from the local grocery stores instead of buying them in the supermarkets or gas stations. Use a reusable bottle to fill it up with drinking water so that you don’t need to but packaged water wherever you go. Try not to eat at fancy restaurants and try to eat at the local dining places as much as possible.

Best Budget Restaurants In The World

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As for the budget you can set aside around $1200 – 1300 per month for accommodation and food. So for a RTW trip of 12 months you need to be ready to shell out around $15000. The final figure will obviously depend on your choice of accommodation and the kind of food that you are eating.


Travel Visa

If you are from US or Europe then you are a lucky guy because visas will not be an issue for you. Getting a visa for Vietnam is probably the only problem that you may face as they might not give you a visa at the border. However, you can get the Vietnam visa processed from Cambodia itself. Needless to say, you need to do a bit of research but visas are usually not a problem.

How much would it cost for a RTW trip?

Frankly speaking, there are far too many variables involved in this calculation which makes it very difficult for anybody to arrive at a concrete result. But a vast majority of the RTW travelers have opined that it is possible to do these trips for as little as $14000 (land transportation only). In fact, if you are ready to spend $2000 per person per month then you can roughly cover 12 countries in 12 months at only $24,000 to 25,0000.

Date posted: 6th June, 2015

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