Route Verte – Bikers’ Paradise

Route Verte – Bikers’ Paradise

In the eastern portion of the Canadian land, lies the Province of Quebec. This province is known for its vibrancy all over the world. The best way to get a real feel of this place is travelling by bicycle. What can be more romantic than the cool breeze flowing through your hair and spectacular landscapes slowly passing by?

The Route Verte, or The Green Route, inaugurated on 10th August, 2007, covers approximately 4,000 kilometers (2500 miles) and criss-crosses every area of the historical Quebec City. This well-known biking track takes you through bloomyfields and stunning sceneries. The route runs along well-signed selected rural and urban roads covering interesting sites.

Qubec City

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All trails include directions that are easy to understand.Some of the areas covered by this track include the city of Montreal, region along the sides of Saint Lawrence River, Gaspésie area, and around 320 municipalities. It doesn’t matter on which bikeway you are paddling — Lévis’sParcours des Anses, Véloroute des Bleuets that encircles Lac Saint-Jean, the Estriade, or the Montreal’s Berri Street cycle path— you’re biking on the Green Route.”

It is not just a composition of trails on the Route Verte. Approximately sixty one per cent area of this bicycle network is comprised of regular paths with little to no traffic, distinctive streets on motorways,paved wide shoulders or otherwise. It is not wrong to call it as a biker’s paradise. No wonder National Geographic has listed it as world’s no. 1 route for bike riding in its book named “Journeys of a Lifetime”.

Route Verte

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Cycling on the trails of this historic Quebec City, you can go back in time while experience its culture. You can ride along the forested coastline and through the villages that are known for their beauty world-wide. You can paddle on the way from Quebec Province to the Saguenay Fjord, riding alongside estuaries, beaches, fjords and capes, and visit quaint towns.

Along the Saguenay Fjord and St. Lawrence Estuary, you can observe wildlife at its best. Dining in quaint and welcoming eateries add to the great experience. This route is no less than a paradise for whale and bird-watchers. Tadoussac, which is one of the oldest Canadian villages, is considered to be the best region to spot playful seals and gigantic whales.

The best thing about La Route Verte is the wide variety of biking paths and the manner in which countryside is connected to the urban area.This spectacular route has also become one of the reasons for bicycling to become a part of Quebec’s transport policy.

Quebec is a fabulous place for biking. The Route Verte indeed takes you through some of the beautiful sites. Carrying a map with you would be wise as sometimes the pathways are not well marked. It is recommended that you begin riding from Quebec City or Montreal and ride up to the northern coast of St. Lawrence River and travel as far as you desire.

Getting back home through train is always a good option. It is at the end of the month of June when the tourism booms in Quebec and is at its peak by the mid of July. By second half of August, the tourist season slows down considerably.

Date posted: 9th July, 2013

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