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If one of your criteria for a wedding venue is that it’s unique, one of the best choices that you can make is to exchange vows at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, California.  You’ve seen weddings happen in popular destinations like Paris and Italy but you’ve never really seen special and beautiful locations like this.  The wedding location is right on the hilltop that’s overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  If you look close enough, you’ll be able to see the water from there pouring into the San FranciscoBay.  You’ll be having a wedding in a place of history and beauty if you pick this spot.

Legion of Honor in San Francisco

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The same way that the EiffelTower is a feature in Paris wedding locations, you have the infamous Golden Gate Bridge in your backdrop.  Indoors, you have a great choice too.  You’ll be surrounded by the art that’s in the Rodin Galleries even when you already have enough of beauty from the architecture of the museum itself.  The best thing about this wedding location is that you’ll always be sure that wherever you, your partner and your guests stand, it will be a perfect spot for a photograph.

Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco

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In the heat of the moment of your wedding, you’ll already be surrounded with a fantastic sight.  It’s enough to awe you and your guest.  Just as you remember your wedding day, many of the people you’ve invited will also look back on your wedding as one of the most memorable.  You can go with a tent for the front location and even have your reception where Rodin’s Thinker is.   You might be worried that you have a limited number of guests to invite in a wedding in this museum.  Don’t worry about that because there’s space enough for 400 guests.

Legion of Honor, San Francisco

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You might like to exchange vows in an outdoor location and hold the reception in an indoor location.  The Legion of Honor can accommodate all of your needs and wants.  The perfect wedding can happen for you under the trees of the lawn where you can move into the Rodin Galleries for a night of fun and celebration together with the most beautiful and breathtaking of sculptures.  Your wedding will be just like a dream.  It’s what you’ve hoped for and what you’ve prayed for.  And the best part of it is that it’s going to be a dream that’s totally original and utterly memorable.

Date posted: 30th December, 2015

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