San Luis Potosi

San Luis Potosi

San Luis Potosi has a capital also named San Luis Potosi, which was featured as the third best place to live in Mexico by “The Investor” magazine, and is located in central Mexico. Modern buildings and urban architecture fill the blocks in the capital city of San Luis Potosi. The residents of San Luis Potosi are amiable and friendly. Some of the richest mines in the silver industry are located in San Luis Potosi, but have been abandoned for years. Now agriculture and livestock operation are still a large part of the industrial market. Local markets showcase fine foods such as whole pigs and freshly plucked birds. Visitors can learn about all different kinds of Mexican and pre-Hispanic dishes in San Luis Potosi.

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San Luis Potosi also boasts one of Mexico’s finest churches, the Templo de Nuestra Senora del Carmen. Other places of interest include Caja del Agua and Plaza de Armas. Ciudad Valles in San Luis Potosi features several waterfalls that can be reached by foot and flows along the Micos River. Any outdoor enthusiast would find a world of adventure in Ciudad Valles. Two indigenous groups live here, and any day of the week women and men can be seen walking into town with their brightly colored shawls and dresses. They also speak three different languages between the indigenous clans.

The food popular to the San Luis Potosi people, or “potosinos,” that can be purchased from any local roadside vendor is a bright orange enchilada with refried beans and guacamole. The Santa Maria del Rio is the source of a natural spring water that is believed to cure hangovers, and can be purchased by tourists. Rioverde is a small city of San Luis Potosi that offers tourists camping and swimming areas. This state has wonderful architecture as well as natural landmarks for visitors.

Date posted: 23rd June, 2018

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