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Santo André is a city in Greater São Paulo, 18 km away from São Paulo city. Santo André is Portuguese for Saint Andrew, and it is the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Santo André. The city is located on the Tamanduateí River in the most industrialised region of Brazil.

Santo Andre

by Mel1st

For this reason, Santo André is not a tourist destination as such. For anyone who does venture there, the traditional shopping district is centred around the pedestrianised Oliveira Lima Street, and the majority of the nightlife is concentrated in the Bairro Jardim district. There is also a cinema complex at the ABC Plaza mall next to the railway station, and another in the old Mappin mall.

Originally known as São Bernardo, Santo André experienced rapid growth from the 1930s. Local industries include chemical engineering, textiles, oil, metal products, metallurgy and printing. Despite its industrial infrastructure, more than 60% of Santo André is protected by a water law.

Santo André’s only rather dark claim to fame is the still unsolved assassination in 2002 of serving mayor Celso Daniel, although this can hardly be classed as much of a draw for tourists.

Date posted: 7th August, 2018

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