Saving Money on Flights to Europe

Saving Money on Flights to Europe

It can be difficult to find lower priced flights to Europe as it seems everything is quite expensive in this part of the world. Luckily if you are willing to do some in depth research it is possible to find some great deals on flights to Europe. The good thing about Europe is that getting around once you land can be quite simple and relatively inexpensive. With a great rail system and cheap flights throughout European destinations once you arrive, the main obstacle for most travelers seems to lie in getting to Europe in the first place. For those travelers the solution is simpler and cheaper than you might think.

Recently when looking to plan my own European trip I found a few airlines that offered great cheap flights from New York, Chicago or Miami to select destinations in Europe. The best of which was Air Berlin. Air Berlin offers great deals on flights from both New York and Miami to many different destinations in Europe. The cheapest flights land in Dusseldorf or Berlin depending on when and where you fly out from.  One way tickets can be found for under $450 and Round Trip tickets as low as $800. Both of these options are much less than other airlines offering similar flights.

Two other options that offer occasion deals are Air Lingus and Air Italia. Both of these airlines may offer specials from select destinations. Flights into London’s Heathrow Airport can also be very cheap, but keep in mind that London is a notoriously expensive city. Unless you are planning on catching a connecting flight, you may well be better off flying into another airport.

London City Airport

The flight I took on Air Berlin was also quite possibly the best experience I’ve had. The staff was friendly and more than accommodating and 2 full meals were served on the flight as well as coffee, tea and even your choice of Baileys or Brandy after dinner, all for free. At the Price of 430 dollars, these luxuries were not expected, but fully appreciated. The monitors in the plane also keep you informed on your flights progress including interesting details like flight speed, head or tail wind speed and an ever updating estimated arrival time.

I would definitely recommend Air Berlin to any traveler looking to save on their flight to Europe. This Airline is in my opinion the best option for cheap flights to Europe and once you land getting to other locations from their main ports in Dusseldorf and Berlin is very easy.

Date posted: 28th July, 2015

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