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Saving Money on Your European adventure

Europe is a destination unlike any other. For travelers who long to see the ancient ruins of past empires, Majestic cathedrals towing over gorgeous cities and vibrant nightlife that is like nowhere else, Europe stands alone. The issue many would be travelers run into is in the cost of traveling Europe which can be quite expensive. However, through Budget Airfare, Eurorail passes and locating cheap accommodations in your destination cities, it is possible to travel Europe on the cheap.

Searching for multiple destinations near the place you are looking to start your European adventure can provide you with much cheaper prices. I was recently looking to go to Sicily and instead booked a flight to Dusseldorf, Germany, saving over $600. I then caught a cheap $80 flight into Palermo, Sicily, providing a total savings of over $520. You can save a great amount of money by flying into Europe on Airlines like Air Berlin, Air Lingus and Air Italia and then catching connecting flights through either RyanAir, EasyJet or Whizzair. A simple search through these sites can save you immensely in getting to and around Europe on the cheap.

Once in Europe transportation can be found easily locally through the rail stations and bus system. When looking to move city to city for longer distances, check out the previously mentioned airlines or consider a Euro pass train ticket. This train ticket is a flat rate unlimited ticket enabling you to travel throughout Europe for months at a time all with the purchase of one ticket. The cost varies and can be a bit pricey upfront; however there are student discounts available and this will surely save you money in the long term if traveling through Europe for a significant amount of time.

Another essential method for sticking to a budget in Europe is utilizing the many cheap accommodation offerings. Budget hotels and Hostels are very common and offer a great solution to higher prices hotels. Be sure to check the amenities of each location and what costs are included or extra. Traveling in groups can reap big rewards in this way and when sharing rooms with a small group, you can save big and enjoy the privacy from having no strangers in your room.

Utilizing these methods, one can easily save hundreds if not thousands of dollars over more traditional means of travel. This can provide a truly fun and unique experience for your next voyage to Europe!

Date posted: 30th July, 2015

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