Saving Money While Enjoying the Nightlife

Saving Money While Enjoying the Nightlife

When traveling in exotic places, getting out and enjoying the nightlife is a natural part of the travel experience. Whether you are looking to head down to the pub for a local beer or head out to the club for a night of deafening bass beats, it can be difficult for many travelers to manage budget travel while spending money out each night. Luckily for the well traveled or well studied in travel, there are easy ways to have fun and do so on a budget.

Drinks and bars or clubs can be extraordinarily expensive. After a few 14 dollar well drinks it is hard to imagine how anyone can go out and afford a cover charge and a few drinks while sticking to a strict budget.  One great solution is to have a few drinks before heading out to the club. Many hostels and hotels offer bars where you can relax and enjoy beer or wine for much cheaper than the hot spots of the nightlife scene. With this method you can have your drinks and go to the club, while avoiding the exorbitant prices. If your hotel or hostel doesn’t not offer a bar you can also do this by simply going to the local grocery store and buying a bottle of wine or a few beers for your “pre game” fun.

If you’d rather be out and about while drinking, then you may want to avoid the trendy, chic bars in favor of the bars frequented by locals that are much lower in cost. Not only do these bars and clubs offer better pricing, but often times they offer a more authentic experience and the opportunity to make great friends of different cultures. What better way to open up to the locals and try out your language skills, then by having a few cold ones to relax beforehand?

Also the option of simply not drinking alcohol is always a wise and responsible way to go. You can still experience the fun and have a good time without getting inebriated and in being in foreign places, it is a good move to try and remain relatively sober.

Hopefully in utilizing these tips you can make your next trip a fun and interesting one while seeing the best nightlife in the city and doing so on a shoestring budget. So get out there and travel, there is so much to see and so many memories to be made.

Date posted: 17th August, 2015

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