Seoul Incheon airport

Seoul Incheon airport

Seoul Incheon airport makes the list of top ten international airports in the world year after year, this airport is known for its number of facilities, its passenger check-in, immigration, and custom times, its efficient baggage handling, and courteous customer service.

It is considered to be a modern, technologically advanced, and light and airy building, with excellent facilities and terminals; it also has some of the shortest walking distances between gates, transfer points, customs and immigrations, and other services of any airport. An excellent airport for transit as well, this airport also offers a great number of amenities, entertainment, and leisure activities for this traveler as well; examples of entertainment activities include a game room, an internet lounge, a billiards room, a golf course and golf range, and a culture center where one can make free arts and crafts from 9 am to 10 pm, seven days a week.

Seoul Incheon airport Korea

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There are also a number of gaming rooms with the latest in technological games available; indeed, it has been said that one could easily spend one or two days here among just the entertainment options.

There are also a number of lounges where one may stretch out and rest or nap in between flights. In addition, there is also the Incheon Airport transit hotel, with its 90 rooms, two massage rooms, and two lounges, a car wash and laundry service, a spa and sauna offering full body massages (Thai, Swedish, reflexology, and more), airport lounges in all terminals that provide free showers, tvs, internet access, and comfortable chairs, and free tours of the surrounding city as well. Facilities include a hospital and clinic on the airport grounds, two business centers and post office, and banks. Entertainment facilities include retail stores such as the Shinsege department store, a supermarket, the AirJoy shopping complex, a multi-level shopping arena with clothing, sundries, restaurants, and more, and over forty duty-free shops; restaurants include over forty Korean, Asian, Western, fast-food, and cafes, as well as a number of bakeries, snack bars, and coffee shops as well. Overall, travelers passing through this airport have given it high ratings, and many consider it to be one of the most efficient, modern, and easy to use airports in the world.

Date posted: 17th December, 2016

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