Seychelles: The Ultimate Honeymoon Destination

Encompassing over a hundred beautiful isles situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean near to Maldives, Madagascar and Mauritius, Seychelles is the ultimate honeymoon destination. One of the more popular honeymoon packages takes newlyweds to Praslin Island, where the Villas de Mer Hotel offers a six-night stay at reduced rates with dinner included.

Another great Seychelles honeymoon destination is CousineIsland, a private resort island that offers the type of solitude found in very few places on earth. Here you can do nature-oriented activities like snorkelling trips, night safaris or a good old nature walk with the island’s conservation staff. The island can be rented exclusively by honeymooners or families or any other person or group that wants to escape for a few days.


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Royal couple Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge spent their ten-day honeymoon in the Seychelles. According to an official statement, the couple completely enjoyed their time together on the resort island chain known for its perfect beaches, and they expressed gratitude to the Seychelles government for making their honeymoon special and unforgettable.

Arab and Maldivian merchants and Austronesian seafarers were possibly the first persons to settle in the Seychelles. Long before Europeans found the islands, Arabs were trading the highly valuable coco de mer nuts, found only in the Seychelles. Also called the double coconut, giant fan palm or Maldive coconut, the coco de mer is considered the largest nut in the plant kingdom. Weighing around 27 kilograms, it is around the size of a coconut. This rare species is found only in the islands of Curieuse and Praslin.


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Vasco da Gama, crossing from India to East Africa in 1502, sighted the islands and called them the Amirantes. A trading fleet of the English East India Company, lost in a storm in 1609, landed and reported the existence of the islands, but the British took no action and the islands were once again forgotten by Europe.

The islands were intermittently used by buccaneers until the French, seeing it as a valuable transit point for trade between Asia and Africa started to take over in 1756 when Captain Nicholas Morphey famously laid a Stone of Possession. The islands were named after Jean Moreau de Sechelles, Minister of Finance to Louix XV.


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The lure for honeymooners is resorts on private islands and new hotels offering utmost luxury in natural surroundings. The building craze began after Fregate Island Private started operations in 1998. Soon afterwards, People Magazine was clamouring to find out which celebrities were staying at Fregate, and Saudi princes started flying over in their personal 747s and throwing wild ‘spaghetti parties’ (these involved hot tubs overflowing with pasta).

Some of the airlines servicing these islands are Air Seychelles, Condor from Germany, Emirates Airlines, and Transaero Airlines from Russia. These are islands that time forgot, and as a result, you will see flora and fauna in abundance – including giant turtles walking past your hotel room. Expect tropical weather year round, and a relaxing atmosphere that you’re sure to remember for a long time.

Date posted: 5th January, 2013

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