Simien Mountains

Simien Mountains, Ethiopia

The rugged scenery of Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains provides some of the best walking in Africa. With spectacular peaks, the highest of which is Ras Dejen at 4,543m, there are unforgettable views, sweeping gorges and high plateau.

Walking Simien Mountains

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There are also some notable historic sites such as the early churches at Lalibela and the castle at Gondar, the 17th century capital of Ethiopia.

Simien Mountains, Ethiopia

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There are several different types of trek through these mountains, many combining historic sights with visits to rural villages. It is sometimes possible to see native wildlife including ibex and the lammergeyer, the Simien fox and Gelada baboon.

Simien Mountains Walk

Simien Mountains Walk

Date posted: 17th July, 2017

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