Singapore attractions

Singapore Attractions

Botanical Gardens

Botanical garden Singapore

Escape life in a big city by slipping into the one of the last natural refuges in the small island country. Practice Tai-Chi with the locals or meander to the boardwalk through the thick rainforest that is smack-dab in the middle of a city. Visit the National Orchid Garden that features thousands of the multi-coloured specimen.

Visit an Art Gallery in an unsuspecting place


Singapore Art Museum

You may not think of a Ritz-Carl as anything that is culturing relevant, breathtaking, or even interesting. However, the luxury hotel in Singapore features some of the finest pieces of modern art in Asia. Giant crystal sculptures glistening in the light, marvellously complex geometric designs, and some recognisable pieces from none other than pop artist Andy Warhol. Admission into the gallery is free of charge and makes for one of the most interesting hotel lobbies in the world.

Fly on the Flyer

Rising from the ground amongst the Singapore skyline is a massive 165 meter-high ferris wheel that once held the title for the world’s largest. Enjoy the view as night creeps in and the lights begin to flick on, illuminating the darkening sky. Thankfully, the Flyer is not very popular with the locals so waiting in line will be a breeze.

White Rabbit

With the East India Company quickly expanding, 19th century Britain were always looking for extra port cities to expand their influence. By 1824 the area had been settled and controlled by the Crown, many things around the city tell this story. Used as a Barracks for soldiers up until the 50’s, Dempsey Hill has been renovated to offer visitors a taste in the finer things of life. With the high-rising ceilings of an abandoned church, the White Rabbit (as it is now known) has been transformed into a collection of restaurants, boutiques, and galleries. Grab a margarita and some macaroni and cheese, and peruse one of the art galleries in this beautifully modernised building that offers Western visitors all the comforts from home.


The delicious fragrance of roasting meets, stir-fried vegetables, and fresh herbs can be noticed when walking through the Geylang quarter on Singapore’s east coast. The area is home to some fascinating architecture and is able to offer some of the best food on the island. Indian, Malay, and Chinese cuisine is a tasty relic of the many cultures that have influenced Singaporean culture.

Go Clubbing

Singapore is often viewed as a very serious and strict society, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t party every once in a while. Stop through one of the legendary clubs found in the heart of the island nation. Djs and musicians from all over the world meet in Singapore to jam with the lively city. Enjoy the pulsating throbs of bass and a whirlwind of strange lights and hit the dance floor of Zouk, one of the more popular places. If that is not enough, head to Ministry of Sound to get down to some of the most transcendental grooves of the day.

Soar the Skies

Step behind the wheel of a massive Boeing 737 and take to the skies in one of the world’s most used aircraft. The Flight Experience is one of the most authentic and premier flight simulators in the world. Hundred of gauges, dials, buttons, and levers makes this a completely realistic experience. Soar through the clouds as you recreate a flight to one of 20,000 airports available in the simulator.

Visit a Zoo

Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo is a great place to learn a bit about the animals from all around the world. Large authentic habitats keep the animals happy and able to act as they would in the wilderness. Watch pygmy hippos slosh through the artificial riverbed, while the tree kangaroos and frilled-neck lizards scurrying about in the Australian Outback. Take a step into the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia to observe a pack of nearly 80 baboons living amongst jackals, mongooses, and native goats.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

Found in Chinatown, the Tang Dynasty inspired, temple and museum serves as a tribute to Buddha in all of his glory. Massive chambers feature large casts and colourful murals. Upstairs is a large museum holding over 300 Buddhist artifacts found throughout China and Southern Asia. It is important to remember to wear appropriate clothing when entering this reverent site as it is a fully functional temple.

Get Pampered

Marina Bay, Singapore

Singapore’s premier resort, Marina Bay Sands, has just opened much to the delight of people looking for a five star experience. Take a spin on the rollercoaster, lounge out on the beach, go big in the casino, or take a cruise down the canal. The resort offers two of the most exclusive restaurants that feature chefs Wolfgang Puck and Singapore’s very own Justin Quek.

Marina Barrage

Singapore is leading the world in environmental friendly technologies and green developments. The freshwater reservoir and dam serves as a popular place to participate in a variety of water sports and the large rooftop garden is a wonderful place to have a picnic, wedding, or fly a kite. A rainwater collector keeps the things fresh while the solar panels upon Barrage generate enough electricity to power half of the city.

St. James Power Station

In the early 20th century the coal burning St. James Power Station giant turbines were powering a city on the the rise. The only things on fire these days in the old power station is quite possibly the dance floor and the stage. 11 nightclubs offers a broad range of entertaining performances. Stop through the Movido to step to an interesting blend of Latin music played by a 9 piece band from Paraguay. Try The Boiler Room for a live R&B show or the Powerhouse for a deep hip-hop mash up.

Floating platform at Marian Bay

Singapore is home to the world’s largest floating stage, opened in 2007 it is swiftly gaining popularity as a primary place to visit in Singapore. Head down to see one of the many events that takes place upon the waters of the bay. Football games, concerts, exhibitions, and even parades keeps this floating venue packed full of people year round.

Fountain of Wealth

The Suntec City Mall is not only a great place to shop but also home to the largest fountain in the world. With a base of nearly 1700 square meters, massive fountain shoots water 30 meters into the air. Water flows inward from an 85 ton bronze ring, representing incoming wealth and riches. Dip your hand into the water for a bit good fortune, and possibly, a bit the of extra money.

Jurong Bird Park

The region’s largest indoor aviary, the world’s tallest artificial waterfall, and more that 8,000 birds,is all part of the Jurong Bird Park experience. Watch tropical birds soar through the artificial rainforest as water crashes down into the pools below. Watch falcon hunt simulated prey, stop in to see the Southeast Asian birds for a bit of local colour, or visit the nocturnal house to find species who prefer the cover of the night.

Boat Quay

Once a bustling port, the Boat Quay is home to many popular hangouts for locals and expatriates. Although busy, the port is a great place to enjoy a fine batch of high end restaurants, posh galleries, and western style pubs. As you dine enjoy a magnificent view of the Singapore river and the historic colonial district.

Spa Botanica

The hustle and bustle of a large city can often put a strain on weary travellers. Book an appointment at the Spa Botanic to get treated and pampered the way you truly deserve. The huge garden spa offers world-renowned service that centre around a natural healing approach. Lay back and receive a traditional massage or drop into the mud baths and simply drift away.


Jump onto a ducktour to enjoy a truly unique transportation experience. These truck like vehicles are completely amphibious and travel the city without needing a ferry or a bridge. Cruise the city streets on your tour and then plunge right into the water to of the bay or the river.

Imperial Herbal Kitchen

Try some local delicacies at the Imperial Herbal Kitchen while enjoying an impressive view of the sea. Herbal tonics and hot soups are served in hopes of giving a boost to the immune system and curing some bothersome health concern that you may. If you are the more adventurous type try some flash fried scorpions or a plate of delicious ants.

Tropical Island Fun

Travel a half kilometre south of Singapore to the former fishing village and military base island of Sentosa. Enjoy the near perfect beach to enjoy a variety of sports or join in on one of the many famed beach parties. Zip line Mount Imbiah and fly through 500 meters of jungle or cross one of the many swinging bridges. Visit the Marine Life park for a rare glimpse of Sentosa’s pink dolphins.

Date posted: 7th February, 2014

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