Singapore Stomach

Singapore Stomach

Singapore is known for its clean streets, stringent rules and bustling ports. It has grown in its forty-five years of independence to become one of the premier cities in Asia, and its growth plan to add three million or so people to its population before creating a cap, is sure to mean that its status will only get stronger. The Singapore skyline has and continues to develop into a beautiful collage of modern high-rises, creative shopping malls and innovative entertainment centers. All these, and of course its famous new casino, make it a visual spectacle to be admired in the day time, but especially in the night. It is vibrant and alive.

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Wafting Delights

Underneath all these enticing features is the sound and smell of woks and noodles and international cuisine that will give even Hong Kong a challenge as an Asian culinary favorite city. Among the endless streets of coffee shops, dining halls and stalls, a few locations and dishes stand out for their tried and tested durability in the choosy market of constant customers.

Singapore is a dine-out culture. More than half of the inhabitants eat out for at least one of their meals each day. This has created the popular hawker centers, where sometime fifty to eighty small stalls have been set up under one roof. Anything can be found at these centers, but some of the favorite dishes include chicken rice, laksa, prawn noodle, duck, wanton noodle, char siew (barbequed pork), fish-ball noodle, roti prata, porridge, nasi padang and nasi lemak, bak khu te and satay.

One of the more notable places to dine is the east coast hawker center. Its location along the beach makes it a great place to take the family, or to be able to walk off the stuffing meal you just put away.

Newton Circus hawker center is located off Orchard Road, and a popular stop for many of the tour busses traveling through Singapore.

Singapore Stomach

The old market hawker center may be the oldest one in Singapore, staking its location at the heart of the financial district.

Many people say the best laksa in town can be found in Katong. Laksa is an amazing dish consisting of coconut milk, noodles, fishcake, kafir leaves, prawns, lemongrass and various spices. Laksa can be classified normally as either Penang laksa or Curry laksa or Peranakan laksa, depending on the area it originated from.

Chicken rice is available all over Singapore, but one famous area it is found is at River Valley Road. The chicken is either roasted or boiled, and the rice is flavored with the chicken broth, all topped with a special mixture of garlic-chili paste.

Chinatown, as it is in any famous city, is a hot-bead of food possibilities. One can find the normal Chinese dishes, but some of the odder delicacies include pig intestine soup, turtle soup, and the amazing chili-crab.

Singapore food is influenced by the many cultures that call it home. Indians, Chinese, Malaysians and British have all played a huge part in the history and development of the cuisine. Being an international melting pot, Singapore is also influenced by Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Pilipino and other incoming immigrant flavors. Singapore will use its abundant influences to continue to create wonderful dishes to offer its visitors and residents, and is sure to solidify its rising reputation as possibly the best place to eat in Asia.

Date posted: 19th March, 2013

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