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Spectator Holidays – Run With the Bulls or Run for the Roses

Here are two totally different events, for two totally different crowds. If you’re out for an adrenaline rush and need your fix of crazy, run with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. If your event holiday equates to a drink in hand and a leisurely afternoon, then we’re sipping mint juleps at the Kentucky Derby. Both of these exciting events will keep you entertained and amazed.

Run With the Bulls

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So pick your fancy, if we’re running with the bulls catch a flight with Iberia, SpanAir, or Portugalia directly into Pamplona. The official San Fermin celebration will last from July 6th to July 14th every year. Use the convenient 24-hour bus system throughout your time in Pamplona. The buses travel to the airport, city center, and the bull running area. Take the tram from the bridge all the way up the hill to the Bull Run site, the streets throughout Pamplona will be barricaded and the walk is killer. If you have arrived by noon on the July 6th, head to the Casa Consistorial for the official opening of the festival presented by the mayor. The crowds pack in to get the fiesta started. Tie your red scarf to your neck and prepare yourself for a street party turned fanaticalmammal race. The bulls start racing through the streets everyday at 8 in the morning. Most participants celebrate all night long then stumble from the bars to join the crowds. No one under the age of 18 may run, and they warn visitors not to drink and play with bulls.  Viva La Espana!

Now if you’d rather watch the race, than be in it. Don your big hat and an umbrella, we’re heading to the Kentucky Derby. Over 150,000 people flock to Louisville, KY to attend the legendary horse race each year. Most come dressed in an aristocratic old southern style or to the nines in the latest spring fashions. The wealthy and famous inhabit the “Millionaire’s Row” box seats with prime race visibility. The event is typically dressy, but for those that prefer more casual attire, sit in the infield, but bring your sunscreen.  Celebrated since the 1830’s, the acclaimed thoroughbred horses compete in the Kentucky Derby as one of three races to win the Triple Crown. The rider must win all three races to earn this title. The entire day is spent drinking mint juleps, a local treat made from Kentucky bourbon, sugar, and mint and walking around the decorated Churchill Downs stadium. Once the race starts, don’t get up and go to the bathroom, no matter how many mint juleps you’ve had, the race will only last for a little over two minutes. Nicknamed, The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports”, and now you see why. Make sure to place your bets in time for the show, last year over 100 million dollars was gambled on the event. Let’s hope your pick is draped in the 554 roses at the end, and the winner of the run for the roses.  Maybe next year you’ll be sitting in the box seats!

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Date posted: 13th July, 2015

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