Styx Valley Hobart
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Styx Valley

A hidden gem around 1.5 hours from Hobart is the Styx Valley. Battles between conservationists and loggers have only just ceased and a ‘Valley of the Giants’ is emerging.

The Styx Forest has the tallest hardwood trees in the world! Only beaten as the tallest trees in the world by the redwoods in California.

Styx Valley

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The Styx valley is opening up for visitors. The most developed attraction is the Big Tree Reserve.

Here the tallest swamp gums are named and includes the 86-metre ‘Big Tree’, and the 87-metre ‘Bigger Tree’.  A wooden platform set at 45 degrees helps see the top of these tall trees. The trunk of Big Tree needs 5 people to link arms.

Styx Valley in Hobart

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Many of these tall trees are at the end of their 450-year lifespan at which stage they start to lose height by an average of three metres per 10 years.

Just beyond the Big Tree Reserve is the Tolkien Track where tress are named around the Lord Of The Rings  and includes Fangorn at 75 metres tall, the Cave Tree, Morannonand Gandalf’s Staff at 84 metres, in 2003 the scene of international headlines with protestors camping in the branches for five months.

Styx Valley Tour

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Chapel Tree is the second largest living thing in Tasmania with a hollowed out centre creating a ‘chapel’ big enough to walk into and home to pigmy possums, owls, bats and black cockatoos

Further up the Styx Road lies Shinglebend the place for a riverside picnic with a shingle beach.

Tour to Styx Valley

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To reach the Styx valley travel 2.5 km past Maydena and turn right into Florentine Road and right again onto the Styx Road. Although the Styx River and road goes down the Styx Valley, blocked gates stop you driving down to Bushy Park.


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