Sukhothai is the most important historical site in Thailand. The original site of the capital city of Siam during the 13th century, and the oldest ruins to be found in the country. Sukhothai has now been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is carefully protected.

Sukhothai Thailand

Visitors are free to explore almost all of the ruins, although some are fenced off to protect them. Sukhothai is around 400km north of Bangkok, but still possible as a day trip if you start early. Be warned, this is a massive site, and it will take at least five hours to explore it in full.

Sukhothai in Thailand

Refreshments are unavailable in most areas of the historical park, so bring plenty of water on a hot day. Indeed, it is best to try and visit Sukhothai in the cool season from the end of October until the end of February. Despite the fact it is quite hard to access completely, Sukhothai is well worth visiting.

Visit Sukhothai Thailand

Visit Sukhothai

Travel Sukhothai

Date posted: 15th November, 2014

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