Sunrise in Siem Reap

Sunrise in Siem Reap

There is a quiet anticipation in the early morning streets of Siem Reap. Even before the sun is up, rickshaws and tour guides are cleaning their vehicles in preparation for the first customers of the day. Slowly, tourists start to exit hotels and hostels, headed out into the pre-dawn chill of Siem Reap, in hopes of catching the welcoming rays of the morning sun as they shine their light on the magnificent historical temples of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Bayon, Pre Rup and others that populate the region.

Sunrise in Siem Reap

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It is important to choose the right location for your morning outing, as certain spots are popularly known for their sunrise spectacular. If you are headed to one of these locations, leave earlier than you think you should. If you want to be in a quieter and more private setting, ask your driver to take you to a less known place, or do your research thoroughly before heading out. If you are lucky, you will get to see the day’s first light with a small crowd, or even possibly alone.

Siem Reap Sunrise

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Be prepared for the occasion by packing a light breakfast of fruit or breads. Take some water or a thermos of hot tea. Carry a blanket to sit on and maybe another to cover your self with, as it can be chilly in the wee hours. You might want to bring your compactable umbrella or a small raincoat just in case the clouds open up and rain tumbles down upon you. Make sure to leave the house with all things you may need throughout the day, as once you leave, you might not come back until late afternoon or evening. If you are a wise traveler, you will hire an honest drive to accompany you throughout the entire time you are in Siem Reap, or at least from the day. Talk to them the night before, and they will probably be able to supply you with most of the necessary items you need for the morning, including breakfast.

Once you have arrived at your sun-up location choice, get to the highest and clearest position you can find. If you have chosen the lake, which is popular, find a dry area, and place the water between you and the rising sun. If you are at one of the temples, get situated and allow your mind to rest, maybe with a quiet meditation.

When the show starts, you will not want to miss a moment. There is a haze in the distance as the sun breaks the horizon, glowing red and dusty just over the clouds and trees. Your face begins to warm and the smile in your heart spreads to your face. The stones of the temple around you come to life, as the lichens and cracks on the walls catch the morning light. If you listen closely, you may even feel and hear the temple take its first breath of the day, and the old spirits of Cambodian past will again dance in the new daylight.

Take time to enjoy the entire experience. Feel the joy of the other people around you. Look into the eyes of someone you do not know, and you will recognize a relation. The human relation is evident all throughout Siem Reap, and the temples and appreciation of all things ancient and beautiful will bond you not only to your fellow tourists, but also to the oldest and deepest essence within your self, your humanity.

Date posted: 25th February, 2013

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