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Tahiti is situated in French Polynesia and it is the largest from 115 islands and atolls. It consists of two, connected by an isthmus, islands – Tahiti Nui (Large Tahiti) and Tahiti Iti (Little Tahiti). The islands of French Polynesia arose up as a result of volcanic eruption in different periods, that explains the variety of landscape, vegetation, lagoons, and sand. Turquoise lagoons with purely clean water surround its mountains, where you can see elegantly incurved slender trunks of the coconut trees, snow-white solitary beaches and slow, unhurried lifestyle. Water, which wash es the island, has a countless amount of tints. Birds sing wonderful songs, and none reminds others.

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Great Tahiti is a place, where the sun ascends. Polynesians glorified Tahiti as an Earth of double rainbow, Queen of the Pacific ocean, long before the coming of the Europeans. The surface of Tahiti is covered by mountain tops and dense forests of rains.

Waterfalls fall in the cool rivers and brooks, and glades with tropical bright flowers and rice terraces contrast with the gold coast. Tahiti is one of not many places on earth, where, due to an unique microclimate, black pearls are reared. On Tahiti you can visit a country, where local habitants rear pearls, and if will wish, you can purchase this treasure.

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The original inhabitants meet here every tourist with a tiara’s garland (made from Tahitian gardenia), and as soon as you step on the earth of Tahiti, you understand that indeed you got into the real paradise!

Marquesas Islands are a part of Pacific possession of France, its overseas territories. In Marquesas Islands Archipelago, which is located in 1500 kilometers to northeast from Tahiti, 6 populated and 6 desert islands enter. The islands have a volcanic origin. Often people divide them on two groups – Northern and Southern. The administrative centre of archipelago, the city of Taiohae, is located on the biggest island Nuku Hiva. Nuku Hiva belongs to the Northern group. The Southern group includes the islands Hiva Oa, Tahuata and Fatu Hiva.

Bora Bora is the most exotic resort of French Polynesia, which is in 240 kilometers to northwest from Tahiti. The island is located in the center of a multi-coloured lagoon among small islands. The population of the island is more than 4000 people. Bora Bora is the greatest and the most beautiful lagoon in the world.

Manihi Island is included in Tuamotu Archipelago and it is the largest assembly of atolls on the earth. Manihi is one of the smallest islands (the population is 600 people). There are numerous farms for cultivation of the well-known black pearls in this island. Manihi is a paradise for fans of a scuba diving. The sea fauna here astounds with its riches and variety.

Moorea is in 17 km from the Tahiti Island. The tops of volcanos are reflected in the transparent waters of Cook’s Bay. Pineapple plantations, white sandy beaches and azure water of lagoons cover the hillsides of this fine island-garden.

Rangiroa Atoll is the biggest island of Tuamotu Archipelago with the population of approximately 2000 people. Rangiroa Atoll that in translation from Polynesian means “the immense sky” is known for one of the greatest lagoons in the world. Two passes – Avatoru and Tiputa connect the lagoon with the ocean.

Tahiti Island is the biggest of 115 islands and atolls that make French Polynesia. Mountain peaks and dense rain woods cover the surface of Tahiti (1,042 square km ). The nature of Tahiti disposes to the pedestrian walks on mountains and enables mountaineering. Waters round the island are full with coral reefs – this creates wonderful circumstances for diving. It is considered that Tahiti is a birthplace of surfing, which popular places are Papenoo, Punaauia, and Paea . The lovers of surfing will meet here the greatest Teahupoo waves, which are one of most difficult in the world. There is a great number of sporting clubs on the coast, which offer Sea Fishing (International Competition of Tahiti attracts here the most known sportsmen from around the world). After a walk on a canoe or sea fishing one of the restaurants on the coast is suitable for rest.

Driving around the island you will lift up to 600 meters above the sea level, from where you can see an unmatched panorama of Papeete and island of Moorea. Further you may orientate to a commune, where Pomare VI, the last king of Tahiti, was buried. This historical place will be interesting for the lovers of colonial history. After this, you may stop at the Matavai Harbour, where in XVIII century famous navigators arrived here on ships – Captain Cook, Wallis and Blythe (or Blith) on his sailing-vessel of “Bounti”. On the fort of Venus, where the first missionaries arrived, the islands will told you about their history. Following farther, do not forget to stop at a little cafe and certainly at waterfalls in the tropical forest. Coconut water will be offered to you here, where the glass will be a coconut.

Raiatea & Tahaa Islands are included in the group of Society Islands, together with such pearls of French Polynesia as Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora, where the majority of the tourists arrives. Raiatea & Tahaa do not have such huge popularity among tourists, but even this fact is an advantage for them. So, if you wish to see real not crowded Polynesia, it is necessary to arrive here. Besides Raiatea is a historical center of archipelago with rich cultural heritage.

A scientific fact is that in Tikehau lagoon there is the richest underwater fauna in all archipelagos. Accordingly, many divers arrive here, especially in the passage between the ocean and the lagoon where during the strong current a huge quantity of sea inhabitants gathers. The lagoon is a center of water entertainments: here tourists can use a motorboat, fishing, to undertake an excursion by a boat in sea park with picnic on one of the Motu.

Huahine Island is located in a group of Society Islands, to the east of Raiatea Island. Actually, it is not one, but two small islands, connected by a bridge. These islands are termed as Huahine-Nui and Huahine-Iti that in translation means Big and Small Huahine. Both islands can be travelled over up and down for two days.

Local residents name Huahine “Island-garden”. Here is such riches and variety of vegetation, which it is not usual to find on islands in general. The island is not too crowded by tourists, as Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora. For the present it is possible to have a rest far from the noise and vanity in Huahine. Besides there are many magnificent sandy beaches, which the fans of the beach rest will necessarily like. And for those who like to have actively rest there is a huge choice of water kinds of sports.

Date posted: 5th October, 2018

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