Tajikstan Travel

Tajikstan Travel

Tajikstan is yet another Central Asian Republic landlocked country that gained independence when the USSR collapsed. The 143,100 sq km country, the territory of which is 93% mountainous yet has almost 7.5 million people on it, shares borders with Kyrgyzstan to its North, China to the East, Afghanistan to its South; Uzbekistan to its West completes the circle.

Tajikistan’s population comes mainly from the Tajik ethnic group, who go back in time as kin to the Afghans and today, share that culture and history. They speak Persian, called the Tajiki language in Tajikistan. Tajikistan, when part of the USSR , was known as the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic (Tajik SSR). The five years following independence were a nightmare, as a tumultuous civil war erupted, hampering any thoughts of progress. While the country is coming out of the aftershock of the civil war, over 60% of its population subsists below the poverty line.

As is the case with some of its neighbouring countries / areas, Tajikistan’s mountainous terrain is not conducive to idle tourism and this fact is marked by abysmally low numbers of tourists. As of today, the Government has issued an advisory for tourists to refrain from coming to the country. In its very harsh winter, the Northern and Eastern parts of the country become inaccessible. However, its terrain does beckon the adventurous trekker, while the ancient Silk Road route, from where some of most stunning landscapes any country can boast about, offers a lookin into a one-time much more stable and prosperous era. The country is home to the well known Pamir range of mountains, with Mount Garmo scaling 7,495m.

What little there is to see is in the Tajik capital, Dushanbe, in the Hissar valley to the southwest. Brezhnev invaded Afghanistan in 1979 from this city. The historical artery from the railway to the bus station, the Prospekt Rudaki, has a mosque, a 200-year old synagogue, a Russian church and an opera house. Another feature is the ethnographic Tajikistan Museum. The weather is not suited for the normal tourist, a cross this country has to bear. Only one hotel is open, the Hotel Oktyabrskaya, and the only restaurant operating in the evenings is in this very hotel, which shuts at 2200. Tajik food can be extremely inviting, but the present situation can only allow one to read about it, if so inclined.

Visas are required by all. There are two modern airports, Dushanbe Airport and Khudzhand Airport, and Tajik Air, Tajikistan’s national airline operates Airbus 320 and Boeing 737 aircraft to international destinations in Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan and the UAE. It is banned in the EU.

Tajikistani currency is the Somoni (TJS), and the exchange rate is 1US$=4.4 TJS. Its time is UTC + 5 hours.

Date posted: 14th September, 2018

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