Tasmanian Trail

The Tasmanian Trail travels from the top of Tasmania to the bottom. Starting in Devonport and completing in Dover in the south. The journey can be done in reverse.

The Tasmanian Trail passes through a never-changing landscape. A truly beautiful and scenic route. The total distance is 480km.

Tasmanian Accommodation

Users who have done the Tasmanian Trail all very much enjoyed the adventure. Whist remote you are never too far from support and help if needed. The roads where used are very quiet with hardly any traffic.

The trail can be completed on bike, walk or horse back. The Tasmanian Trail is marked and users join the Tasmanian Trail Association and provided with a map and guidebook.

Tasmania Vineyard

Along the trail are small villages offering accommodation or places to camp.

To make it easy to do the Tasmanian Trail Hawthorn Lodge which is located on the trail offers users of the Tasmania Trail a number of options to support if you are cycling or walking the full or part trail.

Tasmania River

The full package with 5 nights’ accommodation offers local support and all transfers with bicycles if using.

Hawthorn Lodge picks you up at Hobart airport and then you stay the first night at Bushy Park. A chance to pack your gear and store items not needed.  Dinner is provided and after breakfast the next morning they transfer you to the start in Devonport arriving around 10.30 so gives plenty of time to have an easy first day to Latrobe if walking and Sheffield if cycling.

Hawthorn Lodge Tasmania

During stages 11,12 and 13 they provide 3 nights’ accommodation and transfers each morning and night between Ellendale and New Norfolk. This allows you do some sections without carrying gear. Some guests take one of the nights as a full rest day. This allows you chance to restock and sort out before doing the last section to Dover.

They then meet you at the end in Dover and back to Hawthorn lodge for a well-earned dinner and rest. The next morning, they transfer you to Hobart or Hobart airport.

The cost is from $425/person.

For those who want to part of the Tasmanian Trail by bicycle or walking Hawthorn Lodge provides a three-night accommodation package with transfers. They meet you at Hobart airport and transfer to Hawthorn Lodge and then for the next two days you walk or cycle the trail. On the fourth day they transfer you back to Hobart or Hobart airport.

The cost of the three-night package is from $190/person.

Need more support or maybe accommodation organised along the way and bags moved for you. Maybe you need to rent bicycles or a larger group. Hawthorn Lodge is able to arrange a complete package to suit your needs.

Tasmanian Trail Support

Date posted: 30th May, 2018

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