Ten most eccentric places in the USA

Ten most eccentric places in the USA

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines eccentric as “deviating from an established or usual pattern or style”. For those looking to visit less traditional museums or attend eccentric festivals and special events, the United States offers a wide range of options. That is not saying that the country itself is eccentric, simply that anyone looking to visit less traditional venues will have plenty of choices.

Among the most well-known and eccentric destinations in the United States are:

The Hair Museum
In Independence, Missouri visitors to the museum will be able to experience the many ways in which hair has, and can be, used to create art.


International UFO Museum and Research Center
Of course this museum is located in Roswell, New Mexico, which is known as the heart of the country’s UFO culture. The entire town is full of UFO information, but this museum is the starting point for most visitors to the area.


Idaho Potato Museum
It doesn’t get more eccentric than the world’s largest potato chip! Visitors to Blackfoot, Idaho will be able to see the world’s biggest Styrofoam potato, complete with sour cream and butter, as well as sample some delicious potato based cuisine!


Hormel SPAM Museum
Austin, Minnesota is the birthplace and home of SPAM and this museum is dedicated to the canned meat.


Red Light Museum
In Virginia City, Nevada visitors can learn all about the state’s legal and “oldest profession”.


Museum of Bad Art
Dedham, Massachusetts is the home to this museum that began its life as a silly joke, but is now so bad it is actually good to see!


Historic Auto Attractions
Visitors to Roscoe, Illinois come to visit this museum in order to enjoy the amazing array of vehicles it contains – including Hitler’s staff car and the “Family Truckster” from “National Lampoon’s Vacation”.


Clark’s Trading Post
New England’s most famous roadside attraction. See the two-headed calf, watch the bear show, and meet the family that has operated the facility for nine generations!


Museum of Salt and Pepper Shakers
The name says it all! Located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee


Jackalope Territory
Meet the mythical creature known as the Jackalope in Douglas, Wyoming.

Date posted: 15th June, 2016

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