The Best Cities in the World for Cycling

Cycling is one of the best ways to explore a city, you can cruise in your own time, stop where you please and go where you will. You will be able to soak up the sights, smells and atmosphere much better than on a bus and will be able to cover much more ground than if you were just walking. Cities around the World are getting much more bicycle friendly now days with special bike ways and bike tours to help you find your way around. Below we have listed 10 of the best cities in the World to go cycling. Click on a heading to learn lots more about cycling in each destination.

Copenhagen Cycling

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In Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark, cycling is a way of life and many people ride to work and school using a bicycle. The city has a large network of cycle paths that are perfect for exploring this Scandinavian capital. With most sights within the inner city centre, the compact nature of Copenhagen means it is easily seen on two wheels, which can be a healthy way to spend a vacation. Copenhagen’s harbour is close by and there are a number of tours by bike to the scenic coast and country parks in the area surrounding the city. Read more about cycling in Copenhagen.

San Francisco Cycling

San Francisco
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San Francisco is built on forty three hills and one could be forgiven for avoiding a bicycle in this famous city on the Pacific Coast of America. But first appearances can be deceiving, for San Francisco has some fabulous cycling routes around the Bay, across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, and into Marin County and Sausalito. Golden Gate Park is another excellent place to cycle or even use a segway and enjoy the smell of eucalyptus wafting in the breeze. Bikes are easy to hire and are a wonderful way to explore San Francisco and see the city at its best. Read more about cycling in San Francisco.

Amsterdam Cycling

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If you want to be like an Amsterdammer then riding a bike through the city is the best way to do it. Watch the locals sail through the streets at alarming speeds and negotiate the traffic. Most of the narrow streets and canal paths are completely unsuited to cars so a bicycle is the perfect way to explore Amsterdam and it is cheaper than public transport. A bicycle is easy to hire and with flat terrain this is an excellent city to explore and see the sights in on a bike. Read more about cycling in Amsterdam.

Oxford Cycling

(Image by Martin Pettitt on Flickr)

Traditional Oxford, with its historic colleges and honey coloured houses, is an idyllic city to feel like one of the many students who ride through the streets on bicycles on their way to lectures. Hire one of the many bicycles in Oxford and take a ride along the River Thames or past the historic spires of the famous university colleges, which have educated some of the most well known faces in the world. There are guided bike tours of Oxford and a network of cycle paths to other charming towns and villages in Oxfordshire. Read more about cycling in Oxford.

Ho Chi Minh City Cycling

Ho Chi Minh City
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Ho Chi Minh City, once known as Saigon, is a unique and enlightening place to experience cycling in Vietnam. There are chaotic places to ride as well as peaceful alleys, but the highlight has to be the people of Vietnam. Hire a bike and pedal through the narrow streets, past iconic sights and absorb yourself in the sights and smells of Ho Chi Minh City for an experience and perspective of Vietnam that cannot be felt from a tour bus. How many other cities in the world have smiling faces wherever you look while you cycle through their roads? Read more about cycling in Ho Chi Minh City.

Basel Cycling

(Image by Sapphireblue on Flickr)

Basel is a city for serious cyclists and hundreds of locals cycle the streets in this bilingual city, where bicycles are used regularly by commuters and shoppers. The cobbled streets and trams may make negotiating the traffic a challenge but cyclists are respected here in this hilly environment. Choose from a cycle round town or venture into the outskirts to some scenic cycling trails. Renting a bike is easy and with so many interesting sights in this city on the Rhine there are several options for those who want to explore on two wheels. Read more about cycling in Basel.

Portland Cycling

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The city of Portland in Oregon is one of the best cycling cities in the USA. There is a network of 270 cycling trails to choose from and Portland has the honour of being the only city in the USA to receive top rating from the League of American Bicyclists. There are some wonderful parks and cycling routes in Portland and even a wide selection of good restaurants along many trails for that well deserved break. Cycling in Portland is very easy for visitors, with a host of rental facilities and an excellent bike infrastructure as part of the culture. Read more about cycling in Portland.

London Cycling

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London is a vibrant and interesting place to cycle. There are superhighway cycle tracks in London, as well as a number of scenic routes around town; and with Boris Bikes easily available for hire, there is plenty of choice for the would-be cyclist. Parks, canals, the River Thames and historic buildings can all be seen en route. Many of London’s most famous attractions are within easy cycling distance in Central London and cycling gives a very different perspective of the UK’s capital city. Read more about cycling in London.

Trondheim Cycling

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Trondheim, in Norway, is very popular with cyclists, with 18% of the population using a bicycle and the mode of transport being heavily supported. A hilly city, it is one of the only places in the world to have a bicycle lift which transports cyclists uphill. There are excellent rental facilities for bicycles, including municipal bikes, and there are many scenic trails to explore with racks all over the city to return the cycle once used. Cycling is a wonderful way to explore one of Norway’s most historic and picturesque cities and to enjoy the countryside. Read more about cycling in Trondheim.

Berlin Cycling

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In Berlin, less than half the city’s population has a car and cycling is actively encouraged. There are over 390 miles of cycle tracks, which include off road trails, mandatory routes and shared bus lanes. Berlin has many historic landmarks that are easily reached on a bicycle, as are the beautiful parks and museums, and cycles are rented very easily in the city. In Berlin there are 500,000 cyclists to ride with on the various trails in and around the city and to the surrounding areas such as Potsdam. Read more about cycling in Berlin.

Let us know in the comments below if you have had any experience cycling in any of these destinations. If you have a question about cycling in any city in the World ask our travel experts in our new question section.

Date posted: 10th September, 2011

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