The Best Nightclubs in the World

From the fast-paced, over-the-top clubs of Brazil, to new levels of luxury in the fashion capitol of Milan—global partygoers, international socialites, and adventurous travellers stay privy to the top nightclubs in the world.

A good nightclub is one that delivers its theme or purpose in the most effective way possible. A high-end, exclusive club for socialites and celebrities must cater to a specific audience that is a lot different from the kind of casual dance-club where jeans and T-shirts are acceptable. Yet a casual club that delivers its promises could outrank a luxury club that fails to excite the patrons.

World best nightclubs

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So whether it’s relaxing in the lap of luxury or dancing with some hot stranger in a casual atmosphere, all of these clubs effectively deliver what they were made to do, and often provide stunning visuals and amazing customer service to make the patrons feel on top of the world.


The best nightclubs in Tokyo, Japan combine the constantly changing fashions of Tokyo street culture with the eclectic music that helps to make Japan famous.


Bangkok, Thailand is a place where dedicated partygoers flock. From high-end luxury lounges to some of the world’s most famous dance-floors, Thailand can be an unforgettable experience.


The nightclubs of Los Angeles, California provide opportunities to meet celebrities and revel in the golden age of Hollywood, recreated through historically themed venues. Not to mention lots of dancing.


The best nightclubs in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil represent the classy and sexy world of South American dance-clubs where partying is non-stop until sunrise. In addition, Brazil offers some of the most luxurious lounges and high-end clubs.


The nightclubs of Milan, Italy offer the chance to socialise within the heart of the fashion industry, where it’s possible to rub shoulders with names as big as Giorgio Armani. Just remember to dress nicely.


London nightclubs include some of the most famous stomping grounds in the world, where celebrity actors and musicians routinely frequent. In addition, London dance-clubs typically feature some of the best House and Dubstep mixes of anywhere on the globe.

Date posted: 24th December, 2012

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