The Best Zoos in the World

There are many wonderful zoo’s and wildlife parks throughout the World that are doing great things for conservation, protection and teaching the public about endangered species. We have compiled a list of our picks for the best zoos in the World. To learn more and review zoos on eGuide Travel click on the headings below or visit our Zoos page to get started.


  • Adelaide Zoo

    Adelaide Zoo first opened in 1883 and is set on 20 acres of land. The zoo is the second oldest in Australia and is operated on a non-profit basis. A visit here is an ideal way to spend a day as there are over 1,800 animal on site and is home to more than 300 native and exotic species. See the specia… read more

  • Antwerp Zoo

    Antwerp Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in the world, opening in 1843 on a mere 4 acres of land in the heart of the city. Quickly growing to its current 26 acres, the zoo has provided a green landscape in the midst of a bustling city for both locals and tourists alike. The zoo also has provided a venu… read more

  • Auckland Zoo

    The Auckland Zoo opened in 1922, and it is home to the largest collection of animals in New Zealand. With its mission to be a conservation leader, its accolades make it a place to experience. It is recognized as one of the most progressive zoos in the world. A winner of national and international en… read more

  • Australia Zoo

    For a full day of action and adventure, check out Australia Zoo. It's the wildest show on earth! Australia Zoo, established by the late Steve Irwin, offers visitors wildlife action and entertainment beyond any other. It prides itself on promoting hands-on interactive experiences with pythons, koala… read more

  • Barcelona Zoo

    Situated in the heart of the city, Barcelona Zoo is a lush 13 hectare facility featuring around 4000 animals from 400 different species. Beginning with a collection of animals donated by a wealthy banker in 1890, the zoo went public in 1893. The first director, Francis Darder, was somewhat progressi… read more

  • Basel Zoo

    In the heart of Basel, Switzerland is a place of wonderful and odd creatures found few other wildlife parks around the world. Featuring more than 600 species, the Basel Zoo was established in 1874 and is the largest zoo in Switzerland. More than 1.7 million people visit this zoo, or the Zolli as loc… read more

  • Beauval Zoo

    Founded 30 years ago by Francois Delord, Beauval Zoo was rated by Forbes as one of the 15 most beautiful zoos in the world, and is home to more than 4000 exotic animals. Conservation of endangered animals is a strict focus of the zoo, and through its many successful breeding programs it supplies ani… read more

  • Berlin Zoo

    Berlin Zoo is the oldest and most well-known zoo in Germany and, with its sister aquarium experiences more than 3 million visitors a year. The location largely contributes to the high number of visitors, as a stop for the train called “Zoo Bahnof”, named for its most popular destination. Opened … read more

  • Bronx Zoo

    The Wildlife Conservation Society was formed in 1901 and is an entity that includes 5 zoos, including one of the oldest but best zoos in the country, The Bronx Zoo. The WCS set up its veterinarian society at the location that is now the zoo, and it continues to be the primary care center for all 15,… read more

  • Buenos Aires Zoo

    The Buenos Aires Zoo opened its doors to the public over a century ago in 1889.  At that time, most zoos had in mind only the mission of displaying the most exotic creatures they could acquire for the sake of the visitors viewing enjoyment. The founders of this zoo thought differently, and from its… read more

  • Central Park Zoo

    The Central Park Zoo was the first zoo is New York, and began in the 1860s as a mere menagerie of animals. It was modified in and modernized in 1934, but was in very poor shape by the 1980’s and was closed to be completely renovated. The zoo reopened in 1988 to the public, after demolishing all ca… read more

  • Chapultepec Zoo

    The Chapultepec Zoo was opened in 1923 in an urban area near Mexico City, and is managed by the city, along with another zoo, under one director. The zoo was completely renovated in 1992, and offers free admission. Due to its location and the fact that it is free to visit, anywhere from five to eigh… read more

  • Chester Zoo

    Who would have expected to discover one of the top zoos in the world 15 miles outside of Liverpool? A forty minute train ride from the city is all it takes to get to Chester Zoo, and 7000 of the world’s most fascinating creatures in some of the most innovative exhibits found in any zoo. The 110 ac… read more

  • Copenhagen Zoo

    Copenhagen Zoo was founded in 1859 by an ornithologist, so it isn’t surprising that most of the first animals were mostly a handful of birds, including eagles, ducks, chickens and other feathered critters. Also part of the original collection of animals was a fox, a turtle in a bucket, and a seal … read more

  • Denver Zoo

    The Denver Zoo was begun in 1896 when an orphaned American black bear cub was given to the town’s Mayor. However, the zoo became a truly inspiring facility when in 1906 another Mayor, Robert Speer, insisted that all barred cages be changed to enclosures that mimicked more natural surroundings, wit… read more

  • Disneys Animal Kingdom

    Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a 500 acre park that features both a huge diversity of exotic animals as well as rides and exhibits with themes related to the animals in each different area of the park. The park opened on Earth Day in 1998 in hopes of focusing on more than just entertainment but on pre… read more

  • Dudley Zoo

    The Dudley Zoo is a 40 acre zoo on the grounds of Dudley Castle, a castle built in the 11th century and is now said to be one of the most haunted castles in England. In addition to the more than 1000 animals of more than 160 species to view, guests can visit the castle and even go on a Ha… read more

  • Edinburgh Zoo

    In 1909, The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland was formed and the Edinburgh Zoo was opened in 1913. Only 3 miles west of the Edinburgh City Centre lies this 82 acre facility that is home to over 1000 animals, many involved in conservation related breeding programs. In recent time, the zoo is visi… read more

  • Frankfurt Zoo

    Frankfurt Zoo first broke ground in 1858, and is the second oldest zoo in Germany. It is in the eastern part of the city itself and is approximately 12 hectares. 5000 animals of more than 400 species call the zoo home, and in the past few decades great efforts have been made to modernize and improve… read more

  • Greater Vancouver Zoo

    The Greater Vancouver Zoo has an interesting history that began in 1970 when it was the Vancouver Game Farm, and continued to be until the mid 1990’s. Oddly, what started out as a game farm became a facility that rescues and rehabilitates and releases animals back into the wild when possible. Ofte… read more

  • Johannesburg Zoo

    Zoo is located in the northern suburbs of the city of Johannesburg on approximately 80 hectares. In 1904, the property was donated to the people of the city by Hermann Ekstein, a business man involved in the diamond trade who also helped “green” the city of Johannesburg by planting over 3 millio… read more

  • Los Angeles Zoo

    The Los Angeles Zoo is a city owned and operated zoo, and employees, including keepers, are city employees. The zoo was initially built in another area in 1912, but in 1965 it moved to its current location in Griffith Park, also home to the world famous Griffith Observatory. The zoo encompasses 113 … read more

  • Madrid Zoo

    Located in Casa Del Campo, the Madrid Zoo is a 20 hectare park featuring more than 6000 animals from 500 different species. Many of these are animals from the onsite aquarium, one of four main areas of attraction in addition to just the zoo itself. This zoo is the only one in Europe that has so many… read more

  • Maryland Zoo

    The Maryland Zoo is the third oldest zoo in the United States, and was founded in 1876. The 160 acre park is owned entirely by the city of Baltimore, and is home to more than 2000 animals of over 200 different species. The zoo originally started when citizens began donating various animals to the Dr… read more

  • Melbourne Zoo

    Melbourne Zoo is one of three wildlife parks that make up Zoos Victoria, which also includes the Healdsburg Sanctuary and the Werribee Open Range Zoo. Between the three parks, they serve 1.6 million visitors every year, making Zoos Victoria the most popular tourist destination in the area. Melbourne… read more

  • Naples Zoo

    The Naples Zoo began as a tropical garden that was planted in 1919. Is wasn't until 1969 that it opened as a zoo on 43 acres of land, and today it is home to more than 70 species of both exotic and native animals. The one mile loop guests can walk is filled with lush garden like surroundings and ope… read more

  • National Zoo and Aquarium

    National Zoo and Aquarium is a combined attraction and the only one of its kind in Australia. There are animals from all over the world including lions, tigers and bears, monkeys, giraffe and otters. Then of course there are Australian native animals. The aquarium houses large sharks and stingrays, … read more

  • Perth Zoo

    Perth Zoo was opened in 1898, just outside the heart of the city of Perth. The lush surrounding includes many original trees, now over 100 years old. The zoo is about 41 acres, and is home to about 1200 animals of more than 160 species. Many local creatures welcome themselves to the zoo as well, nes… read more

  • Philadelphia Zoo

    Philadelphia Zoo was the very first zoo in the United States, and although opening was delayed by the American Civil War it opened in 1874 with 1000 animals. Today, it is a zoo noted for its remarkable success in breeding endangered species that are very difficult to breed in captivity. It is home t… read more

  • Prague Zoo

    Prague Zoo was rated by Forbes as one of the top 10 zoos in the world in 2007, and more than a million guests visit this zoo in Czechoslovakia every year. The zoo has an extensive history of conservation and breeding success of many endangered animals, and has been instrumental in saving the Przewal… read more

  • Rio Zoo

    The Rio Zoo or Jardim Zoológico is the oldest zoo in all of Brazil, and was established in 1888. Today, it hosts more than 70,000 visitors on average each month on its more than 30 acres. Situated amongst ponds, streams, and gardens in the Quinta de Boa Vista, the zoo sits behind the National Muse… read more

  • San Diego Zoo

    Just north of downtown San Diego in Balboa Park is the world-renowned San Diego Zoo, a 100 hundred acre park that is home to more than 4000 animals from 800 species. There are many ways to see the zoo, and the best way to get started is to take the 35 minute guided bus tour. During the tour, a guest… read more

  • San Francisco Zoo

    San Francisco Zoo occupies 125 acres in the southwest part of the city, making it the largest and oldest zoo in Northern California. The first exhibits were constructed in 1930 for a handful of exotic animals donated from Golden Gate Park. It is now home to about 1000 animals of 260 different specie… read more

  • Singapore Zoo

    The Singapore Zoo opened in 1973, and the 60 plus acre facility started with the primary interest being the public’s ability to enjoy viewing the 2500 exotic animals that call this zoo home. Of the 316 species featured at the zoo, over a third are endangered and the zoo has conservation of those a… read more

  • Taronga Park Zoo

    In the Sydney suburb of Mosman and on the Sydney Harbour foreshore is Taronga Park Zoo. The zoo is home to birds, animals and reptiles from all over the world and the park is laid out to give the thousands of visitors the best views of all species. There are plenty of picnic areas, kiosks and facili… read more

  • The Smithsonian National Zoological Park

    The Smithsonian National Zoological Park, or National Zoo, is a park made up of two very different campuses created by an act of Congress in 1889 that was created for “the advancement of science and the instruction and recreation of the people”. The mission of this extensive entity was intended … read more

  • Toronto Zoo

    The Toronto Zoo is favorite tourist spot in Canada even though it takes a little extra effort to get there. With 5000 animals in residence, 460 species in all, plus unique exhibits and encounters for children and adult alike it’s a great way to spend the day. Some of the highlights include getting… read more

  • Wellington Zoo

    Wellington Zoo was the first zoo in New Zealand and encompassing 32 acres, some of which is rather hilly terrain. The zoo is home to more than 500 animals from more than 100 different species, some of which are native to the area. The zoos ideology is that the welfare and preservation of endangered … read more

  • Welsh Mountain Zoo

    The Welsh Mountain Zoo is a 37 acre park on a hillside overlooking Colwyn Bay in North Wales. Started in 1963 by wildlife lover and naturalist Robert Jackson, the park is now under management by the Zoological Society of Wales formed in 1983 for such purposes. The zoo is highly conservation focused,… read more

  • Woodland Park Zoo

    The Woodland Park Zoo was started in 1899 and is a 92 acre facility that sees more than a million visitors each year. Despite it being an older zoo, the park has fewer animals per acre than many more modern zoos, which means that there is more room for each critter and more extensive enclosures as w… read more

  • Yokohama Zoo

    Yokohama Zoo or Zoorasia opened its doors in 1999, and is one of the biggest zoos in Japan. At 53 hectares, or slightly over 100 acres, it is a lush, green facility made up of seven different ecological areas: Asian Tropical Forest, Oceanian Grassland, Central Asian Highland, Japanese Countryside, A… read more

  • Zoo Miami

    Zoo Miami or Miami MetroZoo began in 1948 as the Crandon Park Zoo with a handful of animals that were purchased from a local roadshow. The three monkeys, 2 black bears and a goat were soon joined by some lions, an elephant and a rhinoceros that were stranded when a traveling circus went under, as we… read more

  • ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

    The Zoological Society of London was formed in 1826, and is an organization that includes The London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo, as well as department handling conservation endeavors worldwide. The Whipsnade Zoo opened in 1931 and is a huge facility of more than 600 acres. It is home to over 6000 animals… read more

Do you have a favorite zoo? We would love to hear from you in the comments.

Date posted: 8th August, 2011

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