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For many, the prospect of traveling to South America can be a life changing experience. With so many vibrant cities, the majestic Andes Mountains and some of the world best beaches, South America is a wonderland of fun and adventure and a top choice for many travelers. Another big draw for tourism is the fact that for many, the majority of countries in South America provide a place to travel for much cheaper than other popular destinations. With favorable exchange rates, many travelers live a life of luxury that would not be possible in places like Europe. The only drawback for travelers seems to be the lack of cheap flights to South America, making the upfront costs higher than when traveling to other places. Luckily, there is a solution to this common issue.

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I personally utilized this trick of the travel trade when planning my own South American adventure this past year. Fed up with 4 figure price tags on airfare, I figured there had to be an alternative to the massive price tags these big airlines were charging. After hours of research, I came upon a tip from a fellow traveler mentioning a little known airline that does not pop up on many of the flight search engines such as The airline is called Spirit Airlines and not only do they offer remarkably cheap flights to several Central and South American destinations, but they also do not charge the many annoying fees you find with other budget airlines like Ryanair.

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So what do I mean by remarkably cheap? How about $79 from Ft. Lauderdale to Medellin? With service to cities in Columbia and Lima, Peru, Spirit Airlines can get you there far cheaper than other big name airlines. One great option to utilize is to fly into Medellin, Bogota or Lima and then travel by bus through the rest of your trip. I did this traveling from Lima to Buenos Aires by bus and saw some remarkable cities along the way. Bus travel is quite cheap and there are companies with very nice busses that will take you nearly anywhere you desire. Other airlines such as TACA or LAN may offer occasional specials to select destinations as well, but no airline I have found can compete with the process offered by Spirit Airlines. Hopefully these tips can help you enjoy South America while on a shoestring budget.

Date posted: 22nd August, 2015

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