The Colosseum of Rome

The massive structure is about 50m tall and measures 190m by 155m. An enduring testimony to the architectural talents of the Ancient Romans, the Colosseum has stood at the heart of Rome for 2 millennia and remains one of the most spectacular monuments of the ancient world. Devastating earthquakes and the advancement of time have left the construction partially ruined.

Colosseum Rome

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During the ancient days, subjects of Rome witnessed the bloody battles of the gladiators on the floors of the Colosseum. Those that fought to the death on its stages were the source of the ‘thumbs up’ gesture; which originated from the gesture the emperor would give to indicate if the unlucky gladiator would live or die. Historians tell us that several thousands of human beings and animals were killed on the battle stages.

Colosseum Rome Italy

Touring the Colosseum today you can climb the stairs to view the stage. There are also elevators for those unable to climb to the heights of this massive structure. From the uppermost reaches of the ancient building you get panoramic views of the ancient architecture as well as expansive views of Rome . With Rome being home to the Vatican and the heart of the Roman Catholic Church, the building is still a place for public gatherings. Each year the Scriptural Way of the Cross is performed by the Pope in the Colosseum on Good Friday.

Colosseum Italy

Entry tickets to Colosseum cost only a few Euros, but be aware that you may have to wait sometime to get into this popular destination. As you tour the Colosseum you will find actors in the magnificent building dressed as gladiators. Visitors can offer them a few Euros to pose for pictures as a memento of their visit.

Date posted: 17th March, 2016

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