Great Wall

The Great Wall, China

The Great Wall is one of the best-known sights in the world, and it stretches for several thousand kilometres across China. It is in fact made up of four separate walls from several different periods in China’s history: construction on the first part began in 221 BC to stop invasions from the north. It took more than three decades to build and required a workforce of half a million people.

Great Wall of China – Mutianyu section

Restoration work has improved the condition of the wall, and long stretches of it are now easy to walk along. The most popular areas are those near Beijing, but they tend to be crowded. Think instead of walking around Jiayuguan with its fort and desert and mountain backdrop, or Shanhaiguan where the Great Wall runs to the edge of the sea.

The Great Wall of China


The Great Wall of China

Date posted: 9th August, 2017

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