The Parthenon, Athens, Greece

The Parthenon, Athens, Greece

The temple was constructed 2400 years ago for use as a religious center by the ancient people. It also acted as a treasury providing room to store the wealth of Greek kings. The Parthenon was used as a religious center for the religious beliefs of the Greeks in ancient times.

The Parthenon, Athens

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The Parthenon was built under the rule of Pericles, as one of several constructions to overcome the destruction caused by the Persians. In the buildings of The Parthenon, you can view wonderful examples of Greek art and architecture. This was made possible by Pericles, who employed craftsmen and sculptors to complete the construction. This included Phidias, Ictinos and Callicrates. The Doric style, which involved simple unadorned plain columns, was used in the construction of The Parthenon. The age of Pericles is often referred to as the golden age of Greece.

The Parthenon, Athens in Greece

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During 430 AD, Christians removed the statue of Athena and used The Parthenon for ceremonial purposes. The Athena statue was 40 feet tall and it was made of gold and ivory. Later, The Parthenon was used as a mosque. Several natural calamites corroded the building since the ancient times. During 1687, a massive explosion because of gunpowder ruined the beautiful roofs and much more of Parthenon. Today, only ruins remain to be seen by travellers to Greece.

Some of the Parthenon marble can be found in the London British museum in England . Lord Elgin claimed that he had permission from Turkish rulers when they held Greece to take some parts of the ruins. These are exhibited in the museum, but the Greek government today wants them returned. When you travel to Greece , take a guided tour to Acropolis to fully explore this historic window on ancient times.

Date posted: 23rd March, 2016

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