The sweet life of a Tuscan

The sweet life of a Tuscan

The picturesque beauty of a wedding in a palazzo bounded by lush vegetation or a villa on top of a hill overlooking the beauty of the land- this dream for a perfect wedding can happen in Tuscany.

Tuscany is an admired location for couples who want an Italian experience, the panorama, the history, the winery, the food and of course the romance. This region is famous for its landscape that inspires an artist spirit, its history dated back to the Etruscan civilization, its architecture the reminiscent of Renaissance, and its food are pure pleasure. Tuscany can really open up its heart like no other place on earth.

Tuscan food

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If you think this dream wedding can only happen in movies then let me get you started with planning that wedding. Here are some standard questions that need answer when you decide to get married in Tuscany.

How long can you stay in Italy?

You need a few days to complete your marriage license so make sure you have complete documents for your paperwork and while at it, explore the beauty of Tuscany and taste its many restaurants. Also please note that civil and religious ceremony have some different requirement with regard to paper work so be ready to decide to your preference.

Tuscan valley

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How large is the entourage?

This would largely dictate the venue and the planning for the whole event. Tuscany has some amazing packages for large parties that are very affordable both as a location for the ceremony as well as accommodation for your guest, like an exclusive villa perhaps? Of course we understand that you would not want to miss the opportunity to visit the area. Most packages can add inclusion for tours, like wine tasting on private winery or possibly a tour of the villas and castles surrounding the area or even a day of cooking authentic Italian with your friends.

Since you do not live in the area, you may want to hire a professional wedding planner. This can save you a lot of time with decision making especially with the caterer, venues, tour and others. These people are well-trained into making your dream wedding a reality. Of course if you have time in your hand and can stay for weeks in Tuscany and you are keen with the details for your wedding then by all means enjoy your discovery. Surprisingly you may find some secluded spot that can be the best location for your wedding. Explore the birthplace of Italian Renaissance.

Date posted: 21st October, 2013

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