The Top 5 Budget Hotels

The Top 5 Budget Hotels

Travel is expensive enough as it is, but when you take into account how much it’s going to cost for airfare, accommodations, food, attractions, and souvenirs, the hit to your pocketbook can be downright dizzying. Why not take one of those expenses down a notch? A lot of people aren’t willing to skimp on their hotel room, but what if there was a way to get a good deal without having to sleep in a smoked out room with bedbugs or cockroaches? There definitely is, and we’ve got the top five places to go for an amazing deal on accommodations you simply can’t pass up.

Hotel California (Santa Monica, California, USA)

Hotel California, USA

Those familiar with the notorious song of the same name by The Eagles should know that Hotel California is just as amazing of a place as it was back in 1972 when the song was first released. Santa Monica is a gorgeous part of California that tourists flock to every year.

Hotel California USA

Its proximity to the most popular parts of LA, Hollywood, and the infamous Santa Monica Pier make Hotel California a great place to stay when you’re looking for the most well-rounded California vacation possible. With the Pacific Ocean right across the street, guests can enjoy surfing, beach combing, swimming, and tanning, and kids will love visiting the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium to have an intimate look at some of the marine life in the area.

The hotel is pet-friendly but doesn’t smell like it, and the staff treat guests as if they’re paying luxury hotel rates. Some would call the décor dated, but it’s a retro Californian experience that a sterile franchise can’t compete with. Don’t pay attention to the 3 star rating. It’s all about the ambiance here, and with great rates. 

Turtle Nest Inn (Bodden Town, Grand Cayman)

Turtle Nest Inn (Bodden Town, Grand Cayman)

There are a lot of reasons why Grand Cayman is such a popular tourist destination. White sand beaches, the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean, and sunny days are what vacations are all about! Grand Cayman is even a top spot for cruise ship stops, but who wants to have a crowded beach and hotel on their hands while trying to relax? Turtle Nest Inn has to be one of the best deals out there for enjoying all of those things while keeping it low key.

A beach front apartment is the best way to go in terms of accommodations at this small resort. You get a flawless view of the beach and pool, a full-size kitchen, your choice of a queen or king size bed, air conditioning, and amazing décor throughout.

You’ll also find DVD and CD players in your apartment along with Wi-Fi and HDTV. It’s an apartment for a hotel room price, and their best rate comes with a rental car for venturing out over the island or into town for groceries and local shopping. 

Lawton Court Hotel (Llandudno, Wales, UK)

Lawton Court Hotel UK 

Those looking to visit the UK always find it difficult to afford simple luxuries, which is largely due to the exchange rate and overpriced hotels all over the country. Thankfully, there is a place that can give you a gorgeous room, breathtaking views, and 5 star service for less than some of the places you’ve stayed at in your own city. Lawton Court Hotel is the place, and it seems to be one of the biggest steals when it comes to its hospitality and rooms.

Lawton Court Hotel Bed

Right on the sea, you will find it to be both romantic and family-friendly, and the rooms are absolutely spotless! The internet is top-notch, which is important for those who need to run things at home while they’re away, and breakfast is free every morning and cooked by a trained chef, so you know there’s no microwave involved.

Virtual tours of rooms give you the opportunity to book your favourite from home (if it’s available), and you’ll even have a hand taking your bags up to your room. 

Hotel Villa Sirena (Naples, Italy)

Hotel Villa Sirena, Naples, Italy 

An Italian vacation just screams ‘romance’, and if you want to enjoy as much fun, relaxation, and amore as possible, you really should keep your cash for spending instead of using it all for a hotel room.

Hotel Villa Sirena of Naples has to be one of the most amazing deals you could ask for in Italy. Sure, it’s not smack dab in the middle of Rome, but remember, you’re looking for romance not a battle royale to make your way to and through every attraction. Each room at the hotel offers free Wi-Fi, entry to their spa and pools, free shuttle to and from the airport and Negombo’s Thermal Park.

Hotel Villa Sirena, Italy

They also have air conditioning, and for anyone who’s been to the Mediterranean, that’s a definite must. Although you can go for a basic rate, taking advantage of half board pricing will save you a ton on two of your three gourmet meals each day. 

Hich Hotel Konya (Konya, Turkey)

Hich Hotel Konya, Konya, Turkey

Travelling to the Middle-East is very hard for most people to afford. The airfare alone will destroy a person’s budget the minute they click ‘Book’.

You’re probably not going to stay in Turkey for a single evening, so you had better be ready to look at the price tag on your hotel. Hich Hotel Konya has to have the best value out of all the hotels in Turkey for the quality of service, amenities, and gorgeous architecture both inside and out.

Hich Hotel Konya, Turkey

Where other hotels will charge you $6 for opening a bottle of water they’ve supplied in your room, the Hich Hotel provides these and a slew of other accoutrements for free. That’s just the tip of the iceberg though. Grab yourself a morning espresso as soon as you get out of bed (there’s a machine in each room), and once you’re dressed, pad down the stairs for a free, hot, and healthy breakfast to kick start your day. You could also order room service if you want to stay in.

Hich Hotel Konya Turkey

The stonework and flowing linens in your room give way to private patios, and it’ll take you no more than 5 minutes to make it to the front entrance of the infamous Mevlana Museum.


Great Tasmanian Accommodation at Hawthorn Lodge.

Date posted: 28th November, 2015

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