The Villa Cernobbio, Italy

The Villa Cernobbio: Perfect Venue for Weddings and Receptions in Lake Como, Italy

For a classically romantic wedding and reception, Lake Como is an ideal choice. With elegant villas, gardens full of local and exotic flowers, and picturesque villages, Lake Como is one of Italy’s most beautiful districts. The surrounding town is full of elegant shops, cafes where one can sip espresso and watch the world go by, and elegant restaurants perfect for a romantic dinner for two.

Your guests will be delighted with the area’s touristic opportunities; the tranquillity and opportunity to connect with nature are perfect for people of all ages and with all interests. Those wishing to try new sports will have ample opportunity for adventure, and those who choose to simply relax and take in the scenery can do so easily. Horse-back riding is a popular option in the area.

Lake Como

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The ceremony would take place at the Villa Cernobbio, which dates back to the sixteenth century. The Villa’s gardens are rife with plants and flowers, and the area in front of the various buildings is beautifully decorated with roses and trees. This location is simply stunning for weddings on the banks of LakeComo.

This location is as convenient as it is beautiful. The Villa Cernobbio is located approximately half an hour from Milan’s airport, so you can fly there easily and not worry about long, circuitous routes to reach your destination. Despite its convenient location, however, the Villa Cernobbio will take you and your guests back in time with its grandeur and elegance. The estate is available for a one-day rental and particularly suits larger groups of guests. The location is best for a couple who craves luxury and an aristocratic affair complete with sunset cocktails and splendid firework displays that can be watched from the terrace.

Your wedding reception in Cernobbio should include the local fish; the town’s cuisine is sophisticated and its seafood is known to be particularly good. The forests that surround the town mean that wild mushrooms, fresh berries, and game can easily be a part of your wedding feast, and of course Italy is known for a fine selection of wines.

Couples should check their various options for “wedding packages” and can tailor their wedding based on both their desires and their available funds. There is a range of hotels to choose from and the wedding packages can include honeymoons.

Date posted: 6th November, 2013

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