The World's Naughtiest Red Light Districts

The World’s Naughtiest Red Light Districts

Red Light Districts are a welcome sight for cautious travellers who do not want to get cuffed and sent to prison over an indecent proposition but still want to see some action.  The Red Light District allows you to keep things legal, and to cooperate with the country and the sex workers for safe sex entertainment.  You might even decide that watching the prostitutes, strippers and escorts dance and flirt may be enough entertainment without the necessity of the hook-up.  Some of the most popular RLDs in the world are hosted in, by no coincidence, the most beautiful and hospitable cities.


Red Light District Paris

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Paris is the City of Love and it’s no surprise that it has plenty of sex shops, peep shows, strip clubs and cabaret shows.  Pigalle is the best Red Light District in Paris, though it’s best not to be bawdy about prostitution, since it’s technically illegal.  Expect to pay 20 pounds for a live sex show and more for drinks.  Be extra careful about letting women pressure you into buying a drink, since this is a common scam.  The Moulin Rouge is the best place to go, as it’s mostly nudity and less “show”, and with more trustworthy characters compared to the streets.


Japan Red Light District

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Japan is actually one of the most creative countries in the world for sex entertainment, given their “lady boys” (transgenders) as well as their “theme clubs” where you can watch maids, secretaries, dominatrixes and other performers in costume.  There’s also creative spins in Kabukicho like nude karaoke, sex dolls for rent, and bath time for adults.  And of course, there’s the whole “Nyotaimori” thing where you can eat exotic foods off a nude woman’s body.  Be aware however that prostitution is technically illegal, so be respectful of that in public.  Twenty pounds might cover about two hours, but some clubs charge as 90 pounds.


Thailand Red Light District

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Patpong in Thailand is a Red light district that is approved by the government and particularly known for its raucous sex shows and strip clubs.  Massage parlours and pink salons are the obvious spots for prostitution, though you could just as easily pay a “bar fine” to take a stripper to your hotel.  Sex shows are very expensive so prepare for that.  Little wonder then than worldly-wise tourists simply avoid the shows and go straight for the 20 pound “pink salon” treatment.  Beware of any drug use in Thailand as this is highly illegal and guaranteed to upset the police.


Cologne Red Light District

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Cologne in Germany has Pascha which is quite literally a high-rise brothel, with floors devoted to cheap girls, transsexuals, and higher-priced prostitutes.  Women work independently and many actually live in the rooms they work in.  Perhaps the most amusing element is that senior tourists get a half-price discount in certain hours.  Respect for one’s elders indeed!


Amsterdam Red Light District

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Amsterdam is arguably the safest place on earth to engage in red light district prostitution, as it is highly regulated and protected, with women standing in floor to ceiling windows enticing men to drop by.  Amsterdam is so friendly to sex tourism that it has a bronze statue with a plaque that reads “respect sex workers all over the world.”  However, be clear about what you want if negotiating for services, since the more gullible passersby can be goaded into paying extra fees, and pricey ones at that.  The standard is 50 pounds for 15 minutes, just so you know the typical fare.

Remember, you don’t actually have to spend 15 minutes alone with anyone when travelling the red light district —some travellers simply enjoy a bit of eye candy and the “flirting with danger” feeling that comes from walking down the streets.  Yet it’s good to know the option is always there if you’re feeling particularly amorous.

Date posted: 25th February, 2015

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