Tian Yi Ge Museum Library

Tian Yi Ge Museum Library

This library is a serene location that reflects Chinese culture and architecture.  Buildings are wood panelled and gold plated, tucked within bamboo groves and rock gardens. Brick construction and ponds around the building helped to prevent fires in the past.  Ceilings were even painted with water themed images of plants, animals, gods and waves. Notable features include a statue of library founder Fan Chin, a pair of lions and stone wall carvings.

Tian Yi Ge Museum Library, China

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Tian Yi Ge consists of the library zone, garden and leisure space and a display area. Displays include local history, library development, calligraphy, and mah-jong.  There is an admission fee and you can inquire about an English speaking tour.

This library was formerly a private library owned by the Fan family dating back to the early sixteenthcentury Ming Dynasty. Family rules of the past are posted outside the library.  Only male members of the family could hold keys for the building and they could only access the collection when all family branches were present.  Books were not removed from the library.  Because of preservation reasons and tradition books are kept in the library and not loaned to the public.

Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty in the eighteenth century issued a decree for all book collectors to send their items to Beijing so they can be assessed for a chance to be copied into the Tian Yi Ge collection.  The concept of the Four Treasures Complete Library was pursued by the emperor where all knowledge was encompassed in four classes: classics, history, philosophy and sciences, and miscellaneous literature, which included fiction and poems.

Before or after your visit you can walk along the river where there are free markets.  Take time to enjoy the sites of Moon Lake, explore Zhongshan Park and sample the main part of town just a short distance away.  Restaurants and tea houses are also nearby.  There are many places to enjoy seafood.

Three-wheeled pedicabs are the main source of public transportation around town.  You can hail them or catch one at a station.  There are also taxis and local bus stops. Bike rentals are rare in the city, though many citizens own a bicycle.  The Ningbo Railway Station is the closest public transit location to the library.

Ningbo, the port city where the library is located, can be quite humid June through September.  The most rainfall occurs during these months, in addition to the highest temperatures.


No.10, Tianyi Street, Ningbo city
Zhejiang province

Date posted: 1st April, 2014

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