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Tie The Knot in a Veritable Paradise: Marry in Bali, Indonesia

People throughout the world hail Bali, Indonesia, as a gorgeous paradise; the destination is not only becoming a hot-spot for travel but also weddings. Bali offers leisure, relaxation, and jaw-dropping views. It also offers exquisite locations for those who are considering getting married in this beautiful location and have dreamt of saying their vows surrounded by a stunning, palm-encompassed beach. In 2000, The Bali Exotic Wedding International was established in order to help foreigners who elect to get married in Bali.

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The organisation can be counted on to help you with every aspect of the wedding, including the ceremony and the reception and or party to follow. Services offered typically also assist you with the flower arrangements, decorations, wedding attire, catering, and all the other minor and major details that must be attended to in order for your special day to run smoothly and allow you to relax and enjoy the moment.


Bali is an ideal place to tie the knot regardless of the size of your wedding party and you can find assistance in organising a wedding, be it a vow renewal for just the two of you or a grand affair for hundreds. You will have several options if you choose to get married in Bali. There is, of course, the aforementioned option of a beach-front wedding. Bali is well-known for its unspoilt beaches. However, you can also arrange to have a temple-front wedding or a wedding in a lush tropical garden. Whatever your personal style for a wedding, Bali is likely to have something to offer for your special day. There are many packages that you canpurchase, many of which include combination honeymoon options.

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Enjoy this beautiful country by combining your wedding locale with a travel experience—or your honeymoon. Whatever your financial situation, Bali will likely have something that suits your needs, as well as your individual preferences. Luxury five-star hotels are readily available, as are beach resorts or smaller inns.

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Before planning a wedding in Bali, read over the requirements concerning marriage licenses and registration in Indonesia; though Bali is an increasingly popular place to have a wedding, it will make enjoying your day, and overall trip, far easier if you know the regulations and the paperwork you must first attend to. Bali accommodates religious and secular marriages, but practical requirements may differ.

Date posted: 14th April, 2014

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