Tokyo Fun attractions

Tokyo fun attractions


This strange mix of health spa, theme park and entertainment district can be found in the centre of Tokyo . Sometimes referred to as “ Dome City ” due to the fact it contains the impressive Tokyo Dome Stadium within its boundaries. The dome itself plays host to a whole range of sporting events, concerts and special events.


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The spa centres around a natural hot spring, and has been designed to be the most opulent health spa in all of Tokyo, the spa features massage and sauna facilities along with a “healing space”. The adventure activities within LaQua are world class, including a very impressive Ferris wheel, one of the largest in the world, another firm favourite is the Thunder Dolphin, an exciting roller-coaster. The shopping district contains some 70 stores, and range from franchised favourites to exotic and unique boutique shops, there are also a full range of restaurants and bars to cater for every taste. 1-3-61 Koraku Bunkyo 112-0004 Japan Telephone: 03-5800-9999


Mega Web

This strangely named attraction is a theme park based around automotive transport, with a slogan of “Look, Ride, Feel”. Mega Web is the largest auto showroom in the world and is organised and administered by the Toyota Corporation. Mega Web covers an area of over 24,000 square metres and has a permanent display of more than 150 vehicles. Since its opening it has proven to be immensely popular and has seen more than 50 million visitors through its doors.

Mega Web

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The central part of the attraction is the Toyota City Showcase, which includes a full display of every model in the Toyota range, visitors are free to test drive any cars which catch their eye. Hybrid Wonderland is an interactive exploration environment, designed to show and teach how hybrid technology can lead to impressive results.

Children are encouraged to build their own pedal assisted motorised cart among other fascinating activities. One of the newer exhibits is focused completely upon electric commuter vehicles, visitors are allowed to take a ride in several working prototypes of what may become the cars of the future. Aomi 1-chome Koto 135-0064 Japan, Telephone: 03-3599-0808


Tokyo Tower

4-2-8 Shiba-Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo , Japan
(03 3433 5111)

Tokyo Tower

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Date posted: 12th November, 2018

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