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Tokyo My God! – Getting Off In Nippon

Prostitution is actually illegal in Japan but since the term only legally refers to the buying and selling of coitus, there are plenty of other ways to have fun in Tokyo.The restriction on sex work has rather ironically led to the city becoming a global capital for sex tourism, as people and places offer things here as standard that would be considered premiums elsewhere.

Wild One Adult Shop

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The Shinjuku region of Tokyo is where you will find the best red-light district, Kabukichō, which contains everything you could hope to find, from hostess clubs to love hotels. The pink salons in the area offer the chance for oral relief in a relaxed atmosphere, with low lighting and high arm chairs providing all the privacy you need. One highlight would be Hinomaru, which is incredibly cheap and is also less restrictive when it comes to admitting tourists.

Tokyo Sex Wall

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One unique experience that Tokyo provides is the so-called Soaplands, which are bathhouses where sexual activities take place under the cover of soapy bubbles. The girls use their whole bodies to clean you up, so feel free to get as dirty as you like. Most of these can be found in the Yoshiwara/Senzoku district and you can expect to pay according to time, rather than for particular services. Whilst many places will overcharge or even turn away non-Japanese patrons, Satin Doll Soapland and Dream 7000 are known for being welcoming to foreign clients.Expect to pay a bath entry fee up front, on top of payment for time spent inside. Different girls offer different services, though all of them will offer some sort of sexual play. It is best to clarify beforehand what you expect to avoid disappointment.

Sex Toy Tokyo

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Tokyo also has an abundance of love hotels, which offer a high level of privacy and can accommodate patrons from anywhere between a few hours and a whole night. With the growing popularity of BDSM, many of them are outfitted with specialist equipment, allowing you to indulge whatever fantasy you may have. The Shin-okubo district is probably the best place to look and you will easily be able to tell a love hotel apart from a standard accommodation.

Kabuki-Cho Tokyo

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The love hotels will show photographs of the rooms on offer, allowing you to get the perfect room to fulfil your needs. The Alpha-In in Nishi-Azabu enjoys a particularly good reputation, with rooms equipped for everything from restraint play to degradation. It is the most well-known love hotel and all of its rooms can be checked online, though there are plenty of other satisfactory options to be found in Tokyo if you take the time to look.

Kabukicho Night, Tokyo, Japan

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Ultimately, Tokyo promises a wild experience, allowing you to partake in risqué behaviour without any risk.

Date posted: 10th December, 2015

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