Tokyo Restaurants

Tokyo Restaurants

Because Japan is surrounded by water, the Japanese eat a good deal of seafood. A traveler staying in Tokyo should have little trouble finding a restaurant that sells seafood. Still, very traveler might want to search out the Tokyo restaurant that has the best seafood.

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Anyone who is searching in Tokyo for a great seafood restaurant ought to stop at the Robata Kabo. The cook at that restaurant enjoys working in a kitchen that receives a daily shipment of fresh seafood. The true seafood lover should not be disappointed by the taste of any dish ordered at Robata Kabo. That said, it should be mentioned that some seafood lovers might enjoy their visit to Robata Kabo more than others. That is because the Robata Kabo is not a quiet dining spot. It has an atmosphere that copies the atmosphere in a busy Japanese home.


A slightly quieter Tokyo restaurant has become identified with the word “Karuma.” It is one of a chain of Japanese restaurants. Guests at Karuma enjoy Japanese birds, birds cooked over charcoal. The restaurant gets its birds from the prefecture named Miyazaki.

A family that has both poultry lovers and seafood lovers might want to try dining at Unzen while staying in Tokyo . At Unzen they serve meat, seafood and vegetables on skewers. Unzen offers more than just a unique type of food preparation; it also gives its guests plenty of variety.

The list of meat selections alone consists of 40 different entries. A tourist planning to dine at Unzen might do well to take a look at the menu before walking through the door. Each guest at Unzen must choose between items such as salted prawns, chicken wings, shrimp and salmon. Some of those items, such as the salmon, are meant to be enjoyed with one of the restaurant’s tasty sauces.

Tourists who desire a dish with larger pieces of meat might want to dine at Caestro Branco. Unlike Unzen, Caestro Branco is not noted for its cooking method. The cook at the Caestro Branco specializes in making a dish that is eaten by residents of more than one South Pacific island. Guests at Caestro Branco can order delicious suckling pig.

Travelers and business persons from around Asia come to Japan . They often look for foods from their native country. There are some terrific Korean restaurants in Tokyo . Hanmariya is one such restaurant. A tourist who plans to dine at Hanmariya should first practice saying the word “tahhanmori.” That is the name for the specialty at Hanmariya. The cook prepares that specialty by cooking a whole chicken in a thin soup. The cook then flavors that soup with leeks and other vegetables.

The large bowl that is presented to whatever guest orders tahhanmori holds enough soup for two to four people. Guests like the opportunity to place an order that feeds at least one half the numbers of people at a table. The owners of Hanimariya like to serve the chicken soup, because so many soup eaters decide to purchase noodles or rice, and to eat those with the extra soup broth.

Due to the growing numbers of Koreans visiting Japan , present-day Tokyo guides offer information about Korean restaurants in Japan ‘s largest city. In the future, Japan is certain to get visitors from more distant parts of Asia . Japan already has plenty of Chinese visitors. The arrival of Indian and Iranian visitors appears to loom on the horizon.

What sort of dishes will restaurants serve then? One can get a sample of the fare by studying the tastes of Japanese Americans, those who have enjoyed the Persian food that’s available in the United States . What foods did they like best? They have tended to favor the Persian polos.

What is in a Persian polo? Each dish of polo has lots of rice. That rice has been mixed with pieces of meat, poultry or seafood. Most dishes of polo are quite colorful, because they contain either vegetables or fruit. One of those fiber-rich foods is mixed with the rice and the protein-rich ingredient.

No study has called for a survey of all the Japanese Americans. Still, some observant writers have noted the taste preferences of Japanese Americans, especially as those preferences relate to Persian food. At least one Japanese American has made it cleat that she is very fond of zerche polo.

What is zerche polo? Is it something that a cook in Tokyo might prepare? Zerche polo is a mix of rice, chicken and dried cranberries. As long as a cook in Tokyo could manage to purchase basmati rice, rather than the usual Japanese-style rice, that cook could make zerche polo.

At this point, one can not say with a certainty what new restaurants might appear in Tokyo . Still, as the world continues to “shrink,” one can be sure that the growing number of foreigners in Tokyo will lead to the appearance of even more restaurants with non-Japanese fare.

Tokyo welcomes visitors from all four corners of the Earth. The cooks of Tokyo are happy to prepare food that satisfies a whole range of different tastes.

Date posted: 10th November, 2018

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