Tokyo travel

Tokyo travel

Tokyo has been the capital of Japan since 1868 and before was Kyoto. Tokyo is the world’s largest city. Tokyo extends over 2,000 square kilometres and contains 23 different wards. Tokyo is a thriving metropolis. It contains 23 city wards. Yet, Tokyo is not a single city. While staying inside the boundaries of Tokyo a Japanese tourist can visit 26 cities, 5 towns, and 8 villages.

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Tokyo is a city of contrasts and of innovation and tradition. Explore the latest shopping trends in the retail areas and see temples in the traditional districts. Visit the Shinjuko area with expensive camera shops and luxury hotels mixed with the latest skyscraper design, and a wild red light district style nightlife.

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For train stations the major railway hubs are at Shinagawa and Toshima. The viewpoint at Tokyo Tower is a good place to go and get your bearings in this huge and endless city. Why not take a ride on the Yurikamome elevated train across the Tokyo bay to the Odabia area and ride on a giant ferris wheel.

The older part of Tokyo has many Tokyo attractions including traditional buildings as well as cultural heritage. The Edo-Tokyo Museum in Sumida is popular with visitors as are the sumo wrestling tournaments held in the area.

The famous museums of Ueno and the temple of Asakusa are right in the heart of Old Tokyo in the Taito and Bunkyo districts. To experience Japanese cuisine at its best eat a sushi breakfast in the famous Tsukiji Fish Market.

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Tokyo seems to move at a frenetic pace with hoardes of people, neon lights and the latest computerized crazes. Escape to some of the many parks, such as Inokashiro Park or the Imperial Palace east Gardens and in spring look out for the famous cherry blossom.

Tokyo is generally a very safe city and it is considered a suitable place to walk around at night perhaps sampling the different types of food or people watching from a restaurant. The city is also a great place as a base to explore the rest of Japan and to experience Japanese culture and tradition and the diverse elements of this sprawling metropolis.

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The large majority of the residents of Tokyo do live in the centre of the “to.” Tokyo ‘s 23 city wards make up the centre of Tokyo. Those 23 wards deliver the perks and problems of urban living to 8 million residents. Many of the most-visited locations in Tokyo are also found in those 23 wards.

Although a tourist does not need to know Japanese in order to visit Tokyo , an introduction to Tokyo should include mention of a few Japanese words. The visitor to Japan should become familiar with the terms “ken” and “to.”

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A “ken” is one of the 47 prefectures in Japan . Each section of Japan lies inside one of those 47 prefectures. Because Tokyo is so large, it covers the area of an entire prefecture. Still, Japanese do not refer to Tokyo as a “ken.”

When Japanese talk about Tokyo , they refer to it as a “to.” Japanese use the term “to” whenever they want to make reference to a metropolis.

Akasaka is the upmarket district. Akihabara is home to numerous electronics shops. Asakusa is the place for temples. Ginza is the main shopping area. Harajuku Takeshita-dori is the place for cheap fashions. Marunouchi is the area around the Imperial Palace. Nightlife is at Roppongi. Shibuya has trendy shops and popular with teenagers. Shinjuku is for shopping, skyscrapers and Tokyo hotels.

Date posted: 7th November, 2018

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