Top 20 Cities to Visit

Thinking of going travelling but not sure where to go? Here is our picks for the top 20 cities to visit around the World.

1. Rome, Italy

There is simply so much to see in Rome of historical importance that is well preserved from the Roman Empire, one of the most important empires in human history. The only complaints here seem to be that everyone wants to be here, creating high prices and long lines.

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2. San Francisco, USA

Funky, hip and set beautiful on the bay, San Francisco is emerging as the “it” city and tourists from around the world are coming here in large numbers. The epicenter of the green and web 2.0 movements, the city is on the cutting edge of an emerging cultural movement.

San Fransisco

3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Whether it is the bright sandy beaches, deafening nightclubs or Beautiful locals, Rio de Janeiro is a place that lures millions of tourists yearly. The Carnivale celebration is the biggest here of any in the world and millions flood into the city to be here for the magical event.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

4. Tokyo, Japan

The busy city with bright lights, distinct Japanese culture and amazing Sushi is one of the top destinations in all of Asia. As the capitol of the island nation, Tokyo is also the leading business and tourism destination in the country.

5. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a beautiful city to visit for both its many historical attractions as well as its fun, hip vibe. The graffiti lined walls, divided past and location between Western and Eastern Europe makes the city extremely unique and an excellent place to visit when touring Europe.


6. Buenos Aires, Argentina

The sprawling metropolis of Buenos Aires has been branded as the Paris of South America for its European architecture and laid back locals. The city is an excellent place to visit to enjoy a European style adventure, while also enjoying a cheap, fun city with a Latin American vibe.

7. Sydney, Australia

Sydney is the top city to visit in the beautiful country of Australia. Whether it is Marsupials bathing in the Ocean or the great colorful golden reefs that you are after, Sydney is a city that offers great sights and activities for tourists from around the world.


8. Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is a truly international city located on the west coast of Canada. The city has a large influx of immigrants from all over the world making it extremely diverse and interesting. Great food and culture and a beautifully designed city make Vancouver a top North America destination.

Florence, Italy

With amazing historical sites and the unmatched natural beauty of the Tuscany region, Florence is one of the best cities to visit when touring Europe. The city is blessed with exquisite architecture and grand works of art that make Florence unlike any other city in the world.


10 New York City, USA

New York City is one of the largest cities in the world and the largest in the United States of America. From Times Square to the Empire State Building and beyond, the city has an immense amount of distinct sites and attractions and makes for a great place to visit.

11. Barcelona, Spain

The beautiful coastal city of Barcelona is well known for its seaside location on the Mediterranean Sea and warm climate. The city is a great tourism destination with unique historical offerings, fun nightlife and great cityscape that make the city so attractive to foreigners and locals alike.


12. London, UK

London is the capital city of the UK and a place well known for its unique history and beautiful cityscape. From the famed London Bridge on down to Big Ben and the London Eye, there is quite a lot of attractions that make the city a must see destination in Europe.

13. Medellin, Colombia

Medellin is fast becoming one of the great new world cities for its beauty, growing economy and untarnished cityscape. Since the hard times in the 80’s and 90’s, where violence ran rampant, the city has transformed into one of the top destinations in South America.

14. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a city with amazing architecture and a well preserved old town area, highlighted by St. Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle. The nightlife here is well known as a top spot in Europe and tourism has become the main industry of the city.

15. Venice, Italy

The city of canals Venice is located in northeastern Italy is known well for its unique romance as a place that tourists visit annually in large numbers. The canals weave through the city, as the passenger boats float under the pedestrian crossings and there is no question that this place is wonderfully rare.


16. Dublin, Ireland

Located on the eastern coast of Ireland, Dublin is the capital and largest city in all of Ireland. The city stretches from the green hills to the sea and is a wonderful place to visit, preferably in the summer months when the weather is a bit friendlier.

17. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a melting pot of cultures at the point where Asia meets Europe. With huge diversity of cultures and religions, the city still manages to blend seamlessly together and makes for an intriguing place to visit as the only city in the world located on two continents.


flickr image by Greenwich Photography

18. Beijing, China

The massive city of Beijing is a world class destination and possibly the best city in all of Asia to visit. The immense amount of historical and cultural sites, along with the emergence of the city as a top business city in the world, brings in mass tourism each year.

19. Singapore, Singapore

This bustling business and financial capital works hard by day and parties even harder by night. The bright lights, cheap street food and booming nightlife are a staple of the culture here which is home to so many different faiths and ethnic backgrounds. The best of it all blends together here in Singapore.


20. Budapest, Hungary

The once divided, now united city of Budapest spans from east to west with beautiful sights and stunning architecture. Budapest is one of the top destinations in Eastern Europe and it is easy to see why as the area is rich in history and beauty.


How many of these marvelous cities have you visited, let us know in the comments below.

Date posted: 25th July, 2011

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