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Travel Agents – what your travel agent may not tell you

Using Travel Agents can be the best money-saving option if you travel frequently, in addition, they can help you book easily and enrich your vacation experience by providing you with information you may not get elsewhere. There are some facts however that you should know about most travel agencies, and these include the following;
Travel Agents may not be able to book all airlines
Some airlines may require that you fly certain miles before you qualify for their discounts, therefore you must have been flying for long on such airlines- your travel agent may not be able to book such airlines for you.
Travel Agents may not have been to the hotel or cruise lines they are recommending
Many Travel Agents tell their clients they have actually sailed with certain cruise lines or checked into some hotels when in actual fact, they never did. Reputable agencies on the other hand will encourage their clients to take some familiarization trips with some cruise airlines or cruise lines in order to ascertain for themselves how good such lines are.
Some Travel Agents recommend Travel Insurance because it increases prices of travel packages
While Travel insurance may not be necessary for all types of trips, they are still recommended because of unforeseen circumstances. Many Travel Agents include travel insurance in their packages because it increases their own commission. If you have a medical insurance already, there is no need to buy any Travel insurance, since most medical insurance policies provide cover even when you are outside of your local region.
Online travel sites will provide cancellation policies, including refunds
Most Travel Agents will not tell you that online booking centers will offer refunds, just in case you cancel your trips for genuine reasons. Some online agencies even make money just in case air fares drop and they can provide full refund if you cancel your flight at least one week prior to your departure. Make sure you always confirm refund policies with online booking resources even if your travel agencies do not provide information on such.
Travel Agents don’t always provide the best prices
Calling a hotel directly or booking your flight directly may cost you less than using Travel Agents, however, credible Travel Agents have links with several hotels and airlines worldwide, therefore they can always give you great bargains, but they recommend the more expensive packages first just to get more commission. For this reason, you must always ask your Travel Agents to provide you cheaper alternatives even if such alternatives will not provide an all-inclusive package for your needs.

Travel Agents are the best possible ways to save money no doubt, and the reason being that they have versatile staffs who understand the best seasons and times to get the best deals, however, it is always advisable that you check and confirm all deals recommended by your Travel Agents by visiting websites of hotels, airlines and other service providers- this will help you checkout for all other available deals.

Date posted: 28th May, 2015

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